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Paper Candidates Experiences Hydrabad - 10 November 2005 by Mastek

Details of Paper Candidates Experiences Hydrabad - 10 November 2005 by Mastek conducted by Mastek for job interview.
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1.)    Which of the following comes first when written in the chronological order? 

(a) 100 A.D.    (b) 50 B.C.   (c) 500 B.C.  (d) 10 A.D. 

ans: C 

2.)    0.12 x 12 x 0.012 = ? 

(a)    0.01728  (b) 0.1728 (c) . (d). 

3.)    Mr. X deposits Rs. 2000 in a bank at 5% interest rate. Then in how many yrs. He will get Rs. 3000.   

(a)    10 yrs.  (b) 12 yrs. (c) (d) .


4.)    As Capital is what if A is having 2/3rd income of B and B is having 1/4th C, also total income of A,B and C together is 510.

(a)    60  (b) .. (c) 70 (d)  

          ans: A 

      5.) 6.25% of x = 100. What is x? 

(a)    1600 (b) 1800 (c) (d)  

          ans: A 

      6.) A man has to cover a distance of 45 Km. He can run at 15kmph and can walk at 5kmph. If he covers half the distance by running and half by walking then find the time taken to cover the distance.

(a)    6 hrs (b) 7hrs (c) 8hrs (d)

          ans: A

      7.) Mr. X (father) is twice his daughters age. How many yrs. Ago was he three times his daughters age, if his daughters present age is 20? 

(a)    8 (b)10 (c) 12 (d) 15

         ans: B 

     8.) A, B, C, D and E are wearing different coloured shirts i.e. Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue resp. They are coming down a ladder. Their position on the ladder are explained below:

(i)      Yellow is not at the tail end, but is between those in Green & Red.

(ii) The boy in green is between those in yellow & orange who is behind the boyin blue. What colour shirt is the last boy wearing? 

(a)    Red (b) Green (c) Blue (d) Orange (e) Yellow 

9.) Two poles X and Y, each 16 cm high, are planted parallel to each other on a level iece of ground. Spider A is positioned on top of pole X, whereas spider B is at ground level near pole Y. Spider A comes 2cm down during day time and goes 1cm up during night, spider B goes 2cm up during day and slips down 1cm in night time. After how much time will the two spiders will be at the same height from the ground level?

(a)    7 days (b) 7 and days (c) 6 and days (d) 8 days 

      10.) A man goes 5kms east, turns right & walks 4kms, turns left and moves 5 km. In which direction is he from the starting position? 

(a)    North-west  (b) West (c) South-east (d) south-west 

       11.) Out of five friends A is shorter than B but taller than E. C is the tallest and D is little shorter than A. Which one is the shortest? 

(a)    A (b) E (c) C (d) D

Ans: B

        12.) A, B, C, D are standing at the corners of the square field and they walk along the sides of the square in the anticlockwise direction 2 and sides. Which of the following is true (if initially C is north to A not sure) ? 

             (a) C is west of B (b) D is west of B (c) A is north of C (d) C is south of D

     ans: C      

13.)        30   15   15

30   15   25

10   40    ? 

(a)    20  (b) 30 (c) 40 ( d) 50

         ans: B 

        14.)    20   25   30

                  15    X    35

                   10   5     ?

(a)    40 (b) 45 (c) 50 (d) 55

ans: A

because 5 is added in clockwise direction. 

15.)                  27, 64, ?, 216, 343 

(a)    125 (b) (c) .. (d)  

16.)1, 27, 125, ?, 729, 1331 

(a)    241 (b) 343 (c) 289 (d) 641 

17.)      9, 25, 49, 81, 121, ? 

 (a) 141 (b)  169    (c)  154       (d) 168   

18.)3, 9, 27, ? , 243, 729, 2187 

(a)    91 (b) 81 (c) 60 (d) 68  

19.)one more ques. On series like above one with , , , , ? , ? 

i.e. two ques. Marks. 

20.)      Write the following ration in ascending order. 

(a)    5/16 , 7/18, 6/17 (b) 6/17, 5/16, 7/18 (c) (d)            

21.)                        Two trains leave for Poona from Bombay at 8:30 A.M and 9:00 A.M. and travel at 60kmph and 70 kmph resp. How many km from Bombay will two trains be together? 

              (a) 32.22   (b) 210  (c) 150  (d) 60                                   

 ans:   C    

22.)      A trader sells 100 kgs of sugar partly at 10 % profit and partly at 20% profit, gaining 12 % on the whole. How much did he sell at 20% profit?            

(a)    80 kg  (b) 20 kg  (c) 12 kg (d) 10 kg                                         

ans: 20 kg I think 

23.)A can do a piece of work in 10 days, B in  30 days and C in 60 days. If A is associated by B & C on alternate days then in how many days is the work finished?                                        

(a)    4 (b) 5 (c) 8 (d) 12        

ans: C  

   24.)  Male & Female total population in a town is 24,000. If .. (this statement is of no use directly see the options as it contains only one option which adds up to 24,000).. Then total how many males and females are there in a population?                           

(a)    3000, 9000  (b) 4000, 6000 (c) 2000, 8000 (d) 6000, 18000   

 ans: D    

25.)15 men can do a job in 16 days, 12men will do the same in how many days?     

(a)    20 (b) 25 (c) 30 (d) 35     

ans: A     

26 .) A student scores 74, 78, 64, 80 in 4 subjects. He scores 75 marks as an average in 5 subjects then what is his score in the fifth subject ?     ( this ques came twice)        

(a)    79 (b) 63 (c) (d)    

ans: A 

27.)      3/10 th of a sum of money is equal to 15p then what is the amount of money?        

                  (a) 50p      (b)       (c)    (d)   

          ans: A 

28.)      Population increases 5% annually. Its present population is ____ (forgot) then what it was 3 yrs. Ago ?  

                     (a)  7050     (b) 8000      (c) 8050      (d) 9000

    ans:    A 

29.)            A two digit no.  whose digits adds up to 9, when added to 27 the digits gets interchanged. What is the no.?

(a)    36  (b)  64  (c) (d) .

Ans: A 

30.)      1440 is the total income of A, B, C together. A, B& C spends 80 85 and 70 % resp. Their savings are in a ration 8:5:9. Then what is their income?

                        (a)    520, 240, 680 (b) . Something like that 

31.)      In an examination 20% cleared non of the to subjects, 518 cleared both English  and hindi, 72% cleared Hindi and 60% cleared English. Find how many appeared for the exam? 

(a)    (b) dont remem  the ans 

5 ques were based on selecting the nearest matching sentence for a given sentence among the four options.

A passage on Software code testing i.e. Reading Comprehension 10 ques on this.              

5 ques based on the following diagram where u need to mark the nos. in the ans accordingly based on intersection and all of the figures. 


                       Circle= educated people

                      Square= hardworking people

                     Triangle= Urban people

                      Rectangle= honest people 

Dont rely totally on this fig. But it was something like this.  It was easy to solve it.




Q 1)  No-urban people who are honest & hardworking but not educated are: 

(a)    2 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 7 

this way the ques were asked. Total 5 on this.  



Now Data Interpretation where Ist five ques on a table given and next five on a histogram. Total 10 ques. 

Table:             Year


                         1978    1979   1980   1981  1982

              A          60        72    .

              B            :

              C           :                   Something like this I skipped it,

              D           :

              E            : 










Ans: (1) ans is Cant Say      

        (2) Highest % increase ans is from first two towers. 

 10 ques on Flowcharts-  

Flow chart 1 :

To print prime nos. from 1 to 100. 

Print 1,2




  = 0

















 Q.   1)     [these nos. 1, 2, .. are from flow chart boxes where u have to fill appropriate things.] 

(a)    is I less than 100 (b) is I less than equal to 100 (c) (d)

 ans: B (I think) 


(a)    Move  square root of I to limit (b) Move I to limit (c) (d)  

 Ans: A (I think) 


(a)     is J <= limit  (b) is j < limit (c) .. (d) 

ans: A (I think) 


(a)    increase J by 1 (b)  increase J by2 (c) increase I by 1 (d) increase I by 2 

ans: A (I think) 


(a)    Increase I by 1 (b) increase J by 1 (c) increase I by 2 (d) increase J by 2 

Ans: A (I think) 

Regards Chemps