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Whole Testpaper Govt College Of Engg, Amaravati - 23 March 2007 by IBM

Details of Whole Testpaper Govt College Of Engg, Amaravati - 23 March 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Hi everybody ,I got selected in IBM on 23rd March. We were having campus in amravati college of engineering .
Around 1100 students  appeared for aptitude test and they selected 147 students  in aptitude.
After interview they selected only 60 students and I WAS ONE OF THEM !!

The aptitude test was very easy.We were having 55 questions to solve .
There were 4 sections:

There were questions on prepositions,fill in the blank with correct word.Solve these first as they are very easy. then there was a passage .Try to do this at last.this saves time.

Logic based questions and some questions on probability .there was a question  which was to  be solved by venn diagram.
It was having 3 sub questions.blood relation problem.

 Find r these alike
This is very easy try to attemt it first .there were questions like $represent 1 and * represents 0.there were 5 questions
on this type .like evaluate $$*$$^$* .they are time consuming .use binary numbers concept. there was question like * represent +,/ represents - and so on .there were around 3 questions .evaluate expression as

10 questions.They asked the output of small C language command .2 questions were on UNIx commands some question
were on SQL.
This was all about aptitude.
Then they told us to write an essay on "Money brings irresponsibility".they gave us 15 minutes.
try to make it impressive..they may ask question on essay like why do you think so..
try to get above 35 in apti..Apti started round 9:30.results were out till 12:30.

We were having only one interview ti+pi.
my interview was at 4,O clock in r some questions:
Tell me about yourself.
what is cursor,accelerator in C.
what is data structure.
what is pointer.
he asked me to solve 2 problems on work-time .
if 75 men require 30 days how many 25 will require .both were from R.S.AGARWAL.
some unix  commands .
your favourite subject.why.
r u interested in having higher studies
if you r offered job by ORACLE n IBM at the same time ,which 1 will u select.why.

JUST BE YOURSELF !dont give any fake answer .they may pull your leg on that point. Be cool! maintain eye-contact and KEEP SMILING .believe me,this works !!even if u r not able to ans any question , dont be tensed ,just tell him that u dont know it.

This was first time i cleared my apti..n..i got selected!I was benefited by this site.So i contributed my paper.
Thanks to all those who have contributed earlier.