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Aptitude - Numerical NIT, Silchar - 1 January 2005 by IBM

Details of Aptitude - Numerical NIT, Silchar - 1 January 2005 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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I.B.M aptitude questions asked in NIT, Silchar, 2005.


7x +7x+2  is divisible atleast by: (x/100)+(100+x)= Three numbers are in G.P. Their sum is 19 and the last number is 9.Find the middle term. There are 15 black and 5 white balls. Find the probability of drawing 3 balls so that there is no white ball. How many 3 digit odd number can be formed which are divisible by 5 using the numbers from 0 to 9(without repetition). Radius of a fruit is equal to the diameter of the seed. Find the ratio of their volume. From a party 3 men are taken at random. What is the probability that the birthday of 2 men fall in same month. There are 100 people in an organization. If 46 people can speak English, 46 Spanish, 58 French, 16 can speak both English and Spanish, 24 can speak both Spanish and French, 26 both English and French and 7 can speak all the languages. How many are there who cannot speak any of the three languages. A circumcircle and incircle is drawn to a square. What is the ratio of their areas. Average of a couple 10 years ago was 25. The average remains same after having a child and twins after 3 years. What is the present age of the first child. A school is going to have 1000 students in near future. 1/4th use scooter, 1/5th use bikes and 1/9th use cycle. Find the number of students at present. Two trains of equal length when moving in opposite direction takes 5 sec. to cross each other completely and when moving in same direction takes 15 sec. Find the ratio of their speed. In a battle of tanks.60% lose their commanders, 70% lose their guns and 80% lose their tracks. Find the number of tanks that lose all. In a race if A beat B by 15m, A beat C by 25m and in a race between B and C, B beat C by 15m.Find the length of the tracks. Price of sugar decreases by Rs.2 per kg. If a man is able to buy 4 kg more for Rs.16, then what was the original price of sugar. 3 black cows, 4 white cows and 2 brown cows give same amount of milk as given by 4 black, 5 white and 1 black cows. Find the type of cow which gives least milk. If a composite number is multiplied by a composite number the result is a : A problem of men, work and time. A bird is flying between two trains approaching each othertype of problem.  Four boys were playing a game of cards .At the end each of them had Rs.400. They lost in the reverse order of their alphabets. Five question were their.