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General - Other Mepco Schlenk Engg. College - 7 July 2007 by Aricent

Details of General - Other Mepco Schlenk Engg. College - 7 July 2007 by Aricent conducted by Aricent for job interview.
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hi friends, I am bhargavi from Mepco Schlenk Engg college,Sivakasi(TN).I attended the interview on 7th of july ..this s to share few of my experiences

Pattern for the written test

1. Verbal

2. Aptitude
3. Mental Ability.
4. Data Structures and OS(20 mins)
5. C or C++ (20 mins)
6. Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes for answering)
7. E-mail writing (5 minutes)

The first section consisted of questions from basic english was quite easy....u neednt have any prep for it.
for the next two sections concentrate
problems on cubes
data sufficiency
some quantitative aptitude ques..
for all the above R.S.Agarwall s more sufficient

Even though I am from ECE Dept,we had questions from data structures,OS and algorithm
(But the cut off for this section was reduced only for non IT students)
We had choice of C or C++
I chose for C
The questions were quite simple...
U cud refer to TEST YOUR C SKILLS by Yashwant Kanetkar.

For comprehension the passage was so technical wit lot of new terms...U cud make a note of it while reading ....coz they will issue the questions only after collecting the passage

E mail writing shud be min of 50 words and max of 120 words.......n if u exceed either it ll be rejected...
Follow any professional format and rmber time s just 5 mins and don waste much time thinking around...

There s sectional cut off for each section ...manage ur time effectively...

My technical interview lasted for half an hour...They concentrated more on C and Networks..
In C ....I was asked ques from pointers,linked lists,stack,Queue,Tree(BST ,AVL),mem allocation ..........
Be clear in ur basics and they also asked to write some simle prog
In Networks,they almost covered everything (Starting from OSI layers ,routers,Bridges,till the wireless protocols,GSM,GPRS)
Those who cleared the tech interview was called for the HR round..It was just a formal interview.. Be prepared wit some general HR questions...and show some eagerness towards the company..