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ALCATEL PATTERN - 23 FEB 2006 - CHENNAI by Alcatel

Details of ALCATEL PATTERN - 23 FEB 2006 - CHENNAI by Alcatel conducted by Alcatel for job interview.
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This is Ajeeth.M.
Let me share the pattern of the test for the recruitment process for alcatel R&D Chennai.

basically there were two part. each part is for 1.30 hours so totally the test is for three hour.
Part1: (Time duration: 1:30 hrs)
total no of questions:120
technical questions:60questions
(Tips: be prepared with some questions from computer communication network, LINUX and then Microprocessors)
Aptitude questions: 60questions
(Tips:RS.Agarwal is more than enough for this part)
Part 2: (Time duration: 1.30 hrs)
total no of questions:90questions
questions on C:30
(Tips:Let us C by yashwant kanitkar, pointers in C by yashwant kanitkar, Test your C skills by yashwant kanitkar)
questions on C++:30 questions
(Tips:Let US C++ yashwant kanitkar)
questions on JAVA:30 questions
(Tips:complete reference on JAVA)
that is it friends,,I m waiting for my result..