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TThoughtWorks Placement Paper (2012-2013)

All these phases you have been in process of getting interviewed. Now you have got an interview call! It is time for you to present yourself best to the recruiter. You should enhance your technical skills,soft skills and should impress the recruiter.

There are many ways to get success in an interview. Some tips to get success in interview are as follows.

Dress professionally and be in time to the interview.
Be polite and calm when you are seated before recruiter
Be confident in answering recruiter’s question
Acquire details about the company through websites and show your knowledge about the company to the recruiter.
Show evidences of your skill and make them believe that you are the right person to the specified job.
Show them you are responsible and can take the job.

1.Tell me about yourself?

2. How has your experience prepared you for your career?


Aside from the discipline and engineering foundation learning that I have gained from my courses, I think the design projects, reports, and presentations have prepared me most for my career.

Work Experience:

Through internships, I have gained self-esteem, confidence, and problem-solving skills. I also refined my technical writing and learned to prepare professional documents for clients.

Student Organizations:

By working on multiple projects for different student organizations while keeping up my grades, I,ve built time management and efficiency skills. Additionally, I,ve developed leadership, communication, and teamwork abilities.

Life Experience:

In general, life has taught me determination and the importance of maintaining my ethical standards.

3. What made you choose your major?

My academic interests are broad, so I sought civil engineering to achieve a great balance of mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, and writing.

4. What contributions could you make in this organization that would help you to stand out from other applicants?

In previous internships, my industriousness and ability to teach myself have been valuable assets to the company. My self-teaching abilities will minimize overhead costs, and my industriousness at targeting needs without prompting will set me apart from others. Additionally, one thing that has always set me apart from my scientific/engineering peers are my broad interests and strong writing abilities. I am not your typical "left-brained" engineer, and with my broad talents, I am likely to provide diverse viewpoints.

5. What do you plan to be doing in five years, time?

Taking the PE exam and serving in supervisory/leadership roles both at work and in professional/community organization(s).

6. Describe the ideal job.

Ideally, I would like to work in a fun, warm environment with individuals working independently towards team goals or individual goals. I am not concerned about minor elements, such as dress codes, cubicles, and the level of formality. Most important to me is an atmosphere that fosters attention to quality, honesty, and integrity.

7. What do you know about this organization?
This question is one reason to do some research on the organization before the interview. Find out where they have been and where they are going. What are the current issues and who are the major players?

8.What kind of salary do you need?
A loaded question. A nasty little game that you will probably lose if you answer first. So, do not answer it. Instead, say something like, That’s a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position? In most cases, the interviewer, taken off guard, will tell you. If not, say that it can depend on the details of the job. Then give a wide range.

9. Do you have any questions for me?

Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on? are examples

10. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization ?

You should be anxious for this question. It gives you a chance to highlight your best points as they relate to the position being discussed. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

ThoughtWorks Placement Paper MIT Pune 27-June-2012

1Basics of c,c++ in aptitude followed by
2.Coding test
4.Hr Interview.
In aptitude questions were like
1.They give 11 q in 60 min. ,q3 is having 2 subq,q10,11 having 3 sub questions. if in q3 you lost 1 then no marks for both subq.
In questions
-They give you ,on the upper side a long box array containing some digits
-below that a flowchart with different steps ,& instr in those steps ,u have to follow them ans the q below ,
-whichever ans you found, search the same in boxes n write the box no. on the front ans sheet
3Questions on finding ans of given q a/c instr given in flowchart
3 Questions on finding missing no. in the box to get the ,last
2 Questions on finding the ans a/c to given treen eg-there r 4 no. is 1greter follow this
else other path .
2 Question on finding the missing step in the algo.
1Question for fingering the correction in wrong step in algorithm
dont know about coding of luck 2 all.bye

VIT University, Vellore ,1 August 2011

1st round: 1and half hour
Logical aptitude.I have attached the paper.

2nd round: 1and half hour
Lab. given a application; have to build the application and later optimize;
one of the student got: inventory control system. ipod is available in two countries brazil and argentina. in brazil it costs $100 and in argentina it costs $50. also in case if one countary imports from other extra $400 has to be paid per 10 units. the inventory of ipod availabe in each country is 100 units each. so you have to develop a program that show the optimized cost. for ex: you palce order for 10 ipods in brazil - it costs 100x10=$1000. in case u import from argentina it costs 10x$50+$400=$600. or if order is placed for eg.120 units 100 can be sold from the same country and the rest 20 has to be imported. that way u haveto check all the possible combination and show only the best one also the output should be in the format as
: : ;
once u complete the program, one of the representative of the company comes to you, verifies the result, asks you to optimize the program further, etc.

3rd round:
subject based technical interview: inside out. 1on1 or 2on1;

4th round:
technical interview. resume based. inside out.

package: Rs5.85lakhs.
a company. around the world has 1200 to 1600 employees (in 9 to 10 countries). in india has 4 branches.

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