Latest Mindtree Placement Papers and Mindtree Interview Questions for HR Round

MindTree Placement Paper Banglore 11 November 2012

HR gave brief intro about Mindtree and explained procedure.

There was a procedure,
i) Written exam.
ii) Technical cum HR round.

Mindtree conducts written exam as adaptive test

Mindtree-adaptive test: --> Online exam. --> Different questions for every candidate(randomly). --> You cannot skip the question. --> You cannot go back to previous question. --> No negative marking.

Test pattern: There were 4 sections

Section 1: Verbal, contained questions like find out grammatical errors, synonyms and antonyms and also it contained two reading comprehension passages.

Section 2: Quantitative analysis(average, time-work, simplification, probability, profit&loss, permutations, percentage, etc.) R.S.Agarwal book more than enough.

Section 3: C programming, oops concepts, data structures,complexity analysis.

Section 4: Logical reasoning.

First 3 sections contain 25 questions(25 min.) each.

Last and 4th section contains 24 questions(35 min.) 80 Students cleared this round. I was one of them.

TECHNICAL cum HR round:

My interviewer was madam, it was simple discussion between me and mam. --> Tell me about your family? --> Your favorite subjects? --> Write a program to find a largest no. in an array. --> What was the biggest problem you faced,how could you solve it? --> SQL queries (I forgot, but easy) --> Your strength and weakness --> Your hobbies? --> Tell me the basic commands of unix --> Puzzle question that was "without measuring tape how can you find length of rope?"(hint:: simple pendulum concept) --> Do you have any queries for me? There were more questions on my answers. On next day(4 Oct 12) 12 PM results were announced, Finally, out of 80 students 35 students were placed in Mindtree, obviously I was one of them and call letter was given by HR team. Hope it is helpful to you, wish you all the best!.

MindTree Placement Paper Crescent 14 October 2012

The test was a very long process(ONLINE)...2hrs 10 minutes(includind 1 min break after the completion of each section)

ASPIRING MINDS has conducted the test process under supervision of MINDs...

The test consisted of 4 sections.


*QUANTS(log,ratio,ages,LCM,HCF,number series,profit...) 35 Qs

*LOGICAL(Coding&decoding,Arrangements(seating),blood relations,Odd)35 Qs

*Principles of programming(C,C++,DATA STRUCTS) 25 Qs(O/P,basic concepts..)

There was sectional Cutoff( try to get above 60% in all sections)...

Only 30 students cleared the test...

and the selected students were called for the next round(Technical)

They will test you indepth in your domain as well as in programming...

Be clear with basic C programs,Data structures and logical questions...

Only 8 cleared the technical round...

I was also one among them and we were called for the HR Round(FINAL)...

Same regular questions were asked and i answered well...

Out of 8 they were shortlisted only 6...and one was kept as hold and I was the only person REJECTED in that long drive...

MindTree Placement Paper kolhapur 12 October 2011

Mind Tree :written test- 4 Sections

i: General aptitude
ii: Technical aptitude
iii: Essay/ Email writing
iv: program writing

i: Mind TreeGeneral aptitude:
Very basic questions are there, go through R.S.Agrawal. main topics are percentage,profit and loss, age, probability, permutation and combination,area...

ii: Mind TreeTechnical aptitude
Mainly C questions are there, we have to write only output of very simple programs. be clear with basic of C operators, control statements, string functions, macros

iii: Mind Tree Essay/ Email writing
A topic was given & accordingly we had to write an e-mail or essay..

iv:Mind Tree program writing
This is most imp part. Please read problem statement carefully & then write.
Be very clear with string functions.

program asked:

wap to replace vowels in string by numbers.
input: my name is vinayak
output: my n1m2 3s v3n1y1k.

i: General aptitude 30 min 25 questions
ii: Technical aptitude 20 min 10 questions
iii: Essay/ Email writing 10 min
iv: program writing 30 min

Mind Tree Technical Interview & Personal Interview

It was very simple.if you clear 1st round with good score. your chances of selection increases.
Be honest,cool and confident..

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