Latest HSBC Placement Papers and HSBC Interview Questions for HR Round

Whole Testpaper GNITS Coll of Engg Hyd - 28 October 2007


The exam format was 4 sections first They may consider percentage as criteria while selecting written test ppl 

1)simple English (was very simple with prepostions...etc)
5ques--some synonyms
10 ques--and also technical 2 comprehension paragraphs

2)Aptitude test (RS Agarwal)
5ques---Venn diagram
5ques--data sufficiency
3)Analytical (simple)
a)12333333       12333333333      123333333
which are same in above ??
just like this very simple
5 questions
time consuming part comes here
b) + stands for % ,* stands for ^ ,,,etx
solve 6%4^5?? etc
5 questions
c)RS Agarwal question types like selection procedure of a candiadte based on some constraints 

3)Technical Questions
Some basic questions iin C and C++
and also some questions on sorting techniques
selection sort,..etc 

he was very jovial guy of all my interviews.I thought he was HR for upto end as that he asked me very very general questions he had a walk with me during interview time in the balcony
he asked me
1)how is the college??
2)what u do to sell the college to me??
3)he took me into room where all the students were waiting for interview and asked wat qualities are required for those ppl to get interviewd
4)later finally we went to interviewers room there he said to sit in his chair and he was sitting
in thebench opposite to me and asked
1)wat r qualities required for writing good program??
2)wat u would do in testing??

later he said me that hes impressed by my performance and sent me to HR round

he was very starigh forward person
1)tell me abt urself??
2)he asked abt HSBC i told him all the history ...etc abt logo,founder..etc
3)he asked me wat is GLT
i couldnot answer , said that i didnot find it in HSBC website whie i was browsing came out and the person near door called me and sent me to a room where i filled up the form and results were annonced at around 8:30 


General - Interview Mumbai - 26 October 2007


Hi friends i m ROHAN. i apeared for the HSBC GLTi aptitude on 26th oct. 2007. the criteria was 60% agg. in 10th 12th and till ur current BE sem. it was the easiest aptitude i ever took in my life ! believe me guys i didnt prepare a single topic for aptitude but i found it damn easy and i cleared it.

there were four sections,
1.English(The easiest section-fill in the blanks of prepositions,readin compre. was also too easy
2.Analytical reasoning.
 3.Verbal reasoning.
 4.Technical aptitude.(C,C++,Data Structure and analysis of algorithms).

Total 90 Questiones were there almost 1Hr 30 mins time. No sectional cut off.No negative marking for each section they used to give 20-30 mins (varied depending on sections). aptitude was on paper. but then too they will give 20 mins only for every section coz after every 20 mins they used to take the previous sections Q paper back. its easy but to be on the better side u should study for technical atleast. i cleared apti and went for technical intrview.

my interviewer was a very cool guy,he was wearing jeans and T-shirt Long hair Like MS dhoni.
me : May i come in sir.(u should always ask !)
sir :  Yes please.
he told me to sit
me :Good afternoon sir.
sir :Good afternoon.
he went through my resume in few seconds and...
sir :Tell me about urself ROHAN.
me :Answered this qstn for almost 5-7 mins.spoke many many things about me !This is the questn where u can impress any of the interviewers in the world.Just be urself.DOnt show him that u r nervous.
rather make that interview a discussion sort of thing.
sir :Whats ur BE project.
me:explained everything about my project.
sir :asked me qstns on C,C++(very simple).
(never mention any programming language by urself they will ask u deep qstns one of my frnd said"I know java" and he was screwed in java and got rejected!)
me :answered every qstn.
sir :So ROHAN ur project is in Database right?(And he started asking qstns from SQL,DBMS.)
me :answered every qstns with confidence.
(by luck he asked everything which i was knowing so nowhere i went wrong.)
sir :ok ROHAN thats it.Do u have any qstns?
me :asked three qstns.
sir :answered my qstns.
me :complemented his style.
sir:Thank u ROHAN.
me :thank u sir.Nice talking wid u sir.
few mins later i was told that i m selected for the next HR round !!!!
i filled a form given by them and at 5.00pm i went for the HR interview.

my HR was also very good. The interviwer was a every cool person again. he was chewing chewing gum when he was interviewing me !!!
Tell me about urself? asked me qstns on my resume what about higher studies any plans? where do u find urself after 3-4 yrs all typical HR qstns !!!!!! it was again a smooth interview for me !!!! at 6.30 they gave a presentation and the names of the selected candidates were announced !!!! and my name was also there in the list !!!!!!!!!

OUT OF 100-110 students 64 cleared aptitude test out of 64 students 26 cleared TI.and finally out of 26 students 17-18(i dont remember this figure exactly) were selected.  I thank all my friends who contributed there papers on which helped me a lot and hope my experience will also help u a lot !!!!!


General - Interview - 27 October 2007


Hi Friends, I went to the interview which was an off campus one.If im not wrong they were around 2k students who gave the Interview out of which 30 got selected.

This is how the whole selection procedure was
1) Aptitude+Technical written test
2) Technical Interview
3) H.R Interview

The Aptitude comprised of Verbal reasoning, Quants, Analytical Reasoning.The technical had C&C++ and DBMS. In verbal they had Fill in the blanks,Rcs and Give the closest meaning. Verbal was quite easy though the reading passages were a bit tuff but still not that hard either.
For Quants a bit of brushing of basics is really going to help, they asked questions like two trains moving in each direction etc. The analytical reasoning was the easiest of all.    In Technical they concentrated more on the programs of C&C++ like a program and then depending on that the errors which can pop up while execution. Out of 2000 students 250 cleared the Apptitude.

Then came the technical interview,dis is how it went
1)Tell me something about Yourself?
2)What is the difference between C nd C++?
3)Why is C++ called the oops Language?
Oops..Dont Know..told about encapsulation,abstratction etc...she looked quite satisfied.
and then came the programs...
4)given a set of 10 numbers write a program which is going to choose numbers which only end with 3(not 6,9) and then add them.then Select numbers which start wid 9 and add them after that subtract the sum of both...Took a bit of time but wrote.She was happy.
5)Given a set of numbers wap so as to pick a number which is a perfect square.
6)Wap for a palyndrome( Eg DAD)
7)WAP to take a number from the user (any digits) seperate the digits and add the squares of the digits.
8)WAP on Bubble sort using Pointes.
well those were the programs though they were easy it took a bit of pain to re call the logic of each nd every program.
She didnt asked a thing on DBMS.

After around 4 hrs the technical results were declared and I got through then came HR interview,nd dis is how that went
HR-Sorry for making you wait this long( The time was 8 30 pm-The actual time was 9 AM of day 2)
Ray- No,probs sir.
HR-ok,tell me something about ur profile
HR-OK Good..Now what are your career Goals and how are you planning to achieve them
HR-Stress a bit more on your skills
Ray-Comm skills,Team player and PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY
HR-what do u mean by problem solving ability(PSA)?
HR-Give one example where in ur PSA was utilised
Ray-made one and
HR-why HSBC??
HR-What you know abt HSBC??
Ray-HSBC-Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Co-operation.
It has its branches in 82 countries.
It work in various domains like Data warehousing,Mainframes etc.
It is an Industry in Itself
HR-You got any questions for me??
Ray-Yep..asked one.
HR-OKay..Ray Thankyou.
Ray-My pleasure...

This is how it went and after 2 hrs the result was declared and name was actually there..and I was so happy... The pay package which dey offered was  hmmm... not suppose to say that.

My advice to all is They are concentrating more on your comm skills, so be sure that in both ur HR nd TEch interview ur FLUENT dont stammer aruond and make sure what ur talking makes sense because specially in HR there was lot of Cross questioning.

HSBC doesnt have any BOND  process so with the pay package and the scope which it has it definelty one of the best companies around to work for.


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