Latest ADP Placement Papers and ADP Interview Questions for HR Round

ADP Placement Paper Srinidhi Engg College Hyd 11 October 2011


Iam ranjith from aurora PG college Hai i have attended interview on 12nov at srinidhi engg college

it has 4 rounds
1.written test interview interview

written test has 4 is for 70mins
1.aptitude consists of 20marks all c programs for 20 marks
4.essaywriting for 10mins topic is "india in future"

for aptitude,time&work,time&distance,profit&loss&2 puzzles each for 5marks tech small programs structures,unions,printf() i think they are not considered essay as important in

first tech they asked c,c++,sql c-structure,union,malloc,any one program diff btw c&c++ normalization,sql queries 5 number series&2 puzzles they had taken around 40mins for it

2nd tech is only for 10mins
2 puzzles&logic for programe them if we cross 2 tech rounds u r almost

in hr is for 10mins
family background educational backgrounr rolemodel&why where will u after 5yrs what r u expecting from a company

totally 81 members are came for interview,22 crossed written and finally they had taken only 2 iam very happy being in that two members
i hav attended 6 interviews finally i was placed in a good company

All the best,

ADP Placement Paper Hyderbad 10 Dec 2012

ADP Latest Selection Procedure

Three rounds for selection

1.Written Test 2..2 Technical Interviews 3 HR

1.Written Test

It is an On line exam ,No.of questions : 55, Time Limit: 55 Minutes

a)Aptitude-15 Questions 15 Markss

Areas to concentrate

Simple and Compound Intrest-4 Questions
Time and work
Time and Distance
Number series

b)Reasoning-15 Questions 15Marks

Coding and Decoding

c)Computer Knowledge-10 Questions 10 Marks

C and other programming language

d)Verbal ability-5 Questions 5 Marks

Reading comprehension
Small passage followed by 5 questions

e)Essay Writing

One topic given to write in 10 Minutes-Topic Commitment
"My few favourite things"

Some questions previously asked

Directions for question nos. 1-2:

Eighty Five children went to amusement park where they could ride on merry “go-round roller coaster and Ferris wheel .It was known that 20 of them have took all three rides and 55 of them have taken at least two of the three rides. Each ride cost Rs.1 and the total receipt of the amusement park was Rs.145.
1) How many children did not try any of the rides. ?
A) 5 B) 10 C) 15 D) 20
Ans. 15.

20 kids * 3 rides = Rs. 60
(55-20=)35 kids * 2 rides = Rs. 70
60 + 70 = Rs. 130
So, Rs. (145 – 130 = ) 15 are left for the other (85 – 55 = ) 30 kids . so only 15 of them can take a ride and rest 15 will be left out.
145 rides were taken. 20 of them took all three, i.e. Rs. 60 were spent, so 145-60= Rs. 85 are left for the others. Total kids were 85, so rest were 65. out of these 65,

2) How many children took exactly one ride?
A) 5 B) 10 C) 15 D) 20
Ans. 15

3) Four cities are connected by a road network as shown in the figure. In how many ways can you start from any city and come back to it without travelling on the same road more than once ?
A) 8
B) 12
C) 16
D) 20
Ans 12.
Consider the top city, the following are the 3 routes possible, starting from the leftmost edge. Since there are 3 edges emanating from each city and the figure is perfectly symmetrical, these 3 routes are possible from each edge, hence for any given city, the total number of routes = 4 * 3 = 12.

Directions for question nos 4-5:
A, B, and C are three numbers, Let
@(A, B)= Average of A and B
*(A, B)=Product of A and B
/(A, B)=A divided by B

4) If A=2 and B=4 the value of @( / (*(A,B),B),A) would be
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 16
Ans. 2

5) Sum of A and B is given by
A) *(@(A, B), 2)
B) /(@(A,B),2)
C) @(*(A,B),2)
D) @(/(A,B),2
Ans. A.

6) Let x<0, 01 which of the following is false:
A) (x2-z2)has to be positive.
B) yz can be less than one.
C) xy can never be zero
D) (y2-z2) is always negative
Ans. A.

7) If A,s income is 25% less than B,s ,by what % is B,s income greater than that of A ?
A) 35%
B) 25%
C) 30%
D) None of these
Ans. D Directions for question nos 8-12: A professor keeps data on students tabulated by the sex and the performance of the student. Data is kept in a computer disk, but unfortunately some of it is lost because of a virus. Only the following could be recovered:
Performance Total
Average Good Excellent
Male 10
Female 32
Total 30

Panic buttons were pressed but to no avail. An expert committee was formed,which decided that the following facts were self evident:
a) Half the students were either good or excellent.
b) 40% of the students were female
c) One third of male students were average

8) How many students were both female and excellent?
A) 0
B) 8
C) 16
D) 32
Ans. A

Performance Total
Average Good Excellent
Male 10 48
Female 32
Total 30 80

Panic buttons were pressed but to no avail. An expert committee was formed,which decided that the following facts were self evident:
d) Half the students were either good or excellent. (implies the total of good and excellent is 40, i.e., hall of 80)
e) 40% of the students were female (this implies that 32 is 40% of the total students, hence total students are 80, this implies that males are 48, calculate the rest yourself)
f) One third of male students were average

9) What proportion of good students are male?
A) 0
B) 0.73
C) 0.4
D) 1.0
Ans. B.

10) What proportion of female students are good?
A) 0
B) 0.25
C) 0.50
D) 1.0
Ans. B

11) How many students are both male and good?
A) 10
B) 16
C) 22
D) 48
Ans. C

12) Among average students, what is the ratio of male to female?
A) 1:2
B) 2:1
C) 3:2
D) 2:3
Ans. D


Directions for Questions Nos: 13 to 17
Five executives of a multinational company met in Bombay :
Mr. Ram can speak Tamil and Hindi
Mr. Sham speaks Tamil and English
Mr. Raju converses in English and Hindi
Mr. Balu speaks Telugu and Tamil quite well.
Mr. Lalu can speak Hindi and Telugu

13) Which of the following can act as a interpreter when Mr. Raju and Mr. Balu wish to confer?
A) Mr. Ram Only
B) Mr. Sham Only.
C) Either Mr. Ram or Mr. Sham
D) Any of the other three executives.
Ans. D

14) Besides Mr. Lalu, which of the following can converse with Mr. Balu without an Interpreter?
A) Mr. Ram Only
B) Mr. Sham only
C) Mr. Ram and Mr. Sham
D) Mr. Raju Only
Ans. C

15) Which of the following cannot converse without interpreter?
A) Mr. Sham and Mr. Lalu.
B) Mr. Ram and Mr. Sham
C) Mr. Ram and Mr. Raju
D) Mr. Sham and Mr. Balu
Ans. A

16) If a sixth executive is brought in, for him to be understood by the maximum number of original five, he should be fluent in?
A) English and Telugu
B) Hindi and Tamil
C) Telugu and Hindi
D) Hindi and English
Ans. B

17) Of the languages spoken the most common languages are
A) English and Tamil
B) English and Hindi
C) English and Telugu
D) Hindi and Tamil
Ans. D

Directions for Questions Nos:18 to 21
Four people of different nationalities live on the same side of a street in four houses each of different color. Each person has a different favorite drink. The following additional information also known:
The Englishman lives in the red house.
The Italian drinks tea.
The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left.
In the second house from the right they drink milk
The Norwegian lives adjacent to the blue house
The Spaniard drinks fruit juice
Tea is drunk in the blue house.
The White House is to the right of the red house

18). Milk is drunk by
A) Norwegian
B) Englishman
C) Italian
D) None of these
Ans. B

19) The Norwegian drinks
A) Milk
B) Cocoa
C) Tea
D) Fruit Juice
Ans. B

20) The color of Norwegians house is
A) Yellow
B) White
C) Blue
D) Red
Ans. A

21) Which of the following is not true:
A) Milk is drunk in the red house
B) Italian lives in the blue house
C) The Spaniard lives in a corner house
D) The Italian lives next to Spaniard.
Ans. D

Directions for Questions Nos: 22 to 23
Kya-Kya is an island in the south pacific .The inhabitants of Kya-Kya always Answer any question with two sentences, one of which is always true and other is always false.

22) You are walking on a road and come to a fork. You ask the inhabitants Ram, Laxman, Lila,Which road will take me to the village?
Ram says,I never speak to strangers. I am new to this place.
Laxman says,I am married to Lila. Take the left road.
Lila says,I am married to ram. He is not new to this place.
Which of the following is true?
A) Left road takes you to the village
B) Right road takes you to the village
C) Lila is married to laxman
D) None of above
Ans. A.

Ram said he never talked to strangers, but he spoke to a stranger, this means that this statement is false, hence his other statement must be true, hence the second statement of Lila is false, hence her first statement is true that is she is married to ram, hence the first statement of Laxman is false, hence his second statement is true, that is take the left road.

23) You find that your boat is stolen. You question three inhabitants of the island and they reply as follows:
John says,I did not do it. Mathew did not do it.
Matthew says,I did not do it. Krishna did not do it.
Krishna says, I did not do it .I do not know who did it.
Who stole your boat?
A) John
B) Matthew
C) Krishna
D) None of them.
Ans. B

Matthew said he didn,t know who did it, but he also said he did not do it, which means he knows who did it, which means his second statement is false, which means his first statement is true…
Directions for question nos 24-25: There are five trains A, B, C, D and E that run between the following stations:
Bombay and Pune
Calcutta and Bombay
Pune and Goa
Goa and Bombay
Pune and Calcutta
Trains A and D do not go to Bombay, B&C do not go to Calcutta and C & D do not touch Goa.

24) Train E goes from to¦ and vice-versa

A. Pune and Calcutta
B. Bombay to Goa
C. Bombay to Calcutta
D. Goa to Pune.
Ans. C

25) Which train runs between Calcutta and Pune?
A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
Ans. D


26) The device that can transform digital data into analog data is called a
Ans. D

27) Following is true about the IP of a machine
A) It is 48-bit and will always be unique around the world.
B) It is 48-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.
C) It is 32-bit and will always be unique around the world.
D) It is 32-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.
Ans. C

28) A machine having 64MB memory runs a executable which is 300MB on disk. This is achieved by:
A) Use of FAR pointers
B) Page swapping.
C) Save some variables on another machine on network.
D) Cannot be run on the machine.
Ans. B

29) Which of the following is true about thread and process startup speed:
A) The startup of a thread is faster than a process.
B.) The process startup is faster as it is directly controlled by the OS.
C) They will be equal.
D) Depends on OS that is used. Faster on Windows98 slower on NT.
Ans. A

30) What causes “Thrashing” of a program :
A.) The constant swapping of program due to page faults.
B.) The inability of a program to get assess to a network resource.
C) A near overflow / underflow of a variable.
D) Assessing a memory area not allocated to the process.
Ans. A

31) Turbo-C is a / an
A) IDE and C compiler/linker.
B) C-compiler/linker
C) C .
D) code generator.
Ans. A

32) The path of creation of an executable is :
A) coding, linking, compiling, parsing.

B) coding, parsing, compiling, linking.
C) coding, compiling, parsing, linking.
D) coding, compiling, linking, parsing.
Ans. B

33) Memory leak in software is due to
A) Heavy recursion used in logic.
B) Using structures of large size
C) Improper use of the CPU registers.
D) Improper release of allocated memory .
Ans. d

34) A “stable sort” is different from “sort” in the following way
A) Stable sort handles multiple thread access.
B) Stable sort maintains the order of equal entities as it was in original sequence.
C) Stable sort will always sort using the fastest scheme available in the library.

D) Stable sort can handle exceptional conditions like interrupts in software.
Ans. B

35) The classic way of checking whether a mathematical expression has matched parenthesis will employ the following data structure :
A) List.
B) Directed Graph
C) Threaded Binary tree.
D) Stack.
Ans. D

36) The fastest sorting algorithm for a Random set of numbers is:
A) Quick sort
B) Shell sort
C) Bubble sort
D) Double Bubble sort.
Ans. A or B, I do not know

37) Which of these items is not a form of IPC:
A) Shared Memory
B) Pipes.
C) Message queues.
D) Semaphores
Ans. B

38) The term śsocke in software refers to:
A) The software primitive which allows access to the hardware attached to the computer.
B) The API exposed by drivers to assess a hardware.
C) End point of connection used to transfer data programmatically.
D) Th primitive used by OS to get assess to the CPU for process scheduling.
Ans. C

39) Which of these statements is True:
A) XML is a sub-set of HTML.
B) XML is a less generic markup language standard derived from SGML.
C) XML is HTML for extended Interfaces like mobile-phones.
D) XML is a extension of HTML which defines new tags.
Ans. D

40) DCOM and CORBA are:
A) Specifications which enable faster downloads on the net.
B) Specifications that allow objects to be accessed in a location independent manner.
C) Parallel implementations of XML by Microsoft and Sun respectively..
D) Specifications to store objects on disk, for later retrieval.
Ans. B

41) The Process that involves monitoring and improving the software product development is:
(A) Quality Assurance
(B) Quality Control
(C) Quality Improvement
(D) None of the above

42) An executable test that verifies a functionality of the software unit with given input and expected output is called:
(A) Test Script
(B) Test Plan
(C) Test Case
(D) All of the above
Ans. maybe C

43) A Bug in the software is, when there is
(A) Application Crash
(B) Feature Failure
(C) Loss of Data
(D) All of the above
Ans. maybe A, or probably D

44) Testing based on External Specifications without knowledge of how the system is constructed:
(A) Black Box Testing
(B) White Box Testing
(C) Stress Testing
(D) Performance Testing
(E) None of the above
Ans. a

45) Which of the following is false
(A) QA is a process defined to attain Quality Standards
(B) QC is testing of the product during its production work-flow
(C) A Test case could contain many Test Plans.
(D) A Test Plan could contain many Test Script & Test Cases
Ans. C

46) A Printing Machine that transfers impressions from Flat Plate to Rubber Cylinder, thence to paper is called
(A) Laser Printer
(B) Press, Offset
(C) Digital Printer
(D) All of the above
Ans. maybe Offset

47) Printing process in which ink is applied to paper or board from raised portions of printing plates or type is called:
(A) Printing, Letterpress
(B) Printing, Flexographic
(C) Printing, Silk screen
(D) None of the above
Ans. maybe letterpress

48) Yellow (lemon), Magenta (cold red), Cyan (blue-green) are the three
(A) Process Colors
(B) Monitor Colors
(C) Special Colors
(D) Spot Colors

49) Leading specifies:
(A) The space between the lines in a paragraph.
(B) The space between the base of a line to the base of the following line in a paragraph.
(C) The space between the top of the X height and the bottom of the X height of the following line in a paragraph
(D) The space between the beard of the top line and the beard of the bottom-line.

50) Which is a typical page layout program out of the following software products:
(A) Adobe Photo shop
(B) Adobe Page Maker
(C) Macromedia Free Hand
(D) Macromedia Director

Technical and HR

1)How do you define CONSTANT in C?

2)Define VARIABLE?

3)Function calling procedures? and their differences? Why should one go for Call by


4)Difference between STRUCTURE and UNION?

5) What’s the special use of UNIONS?

6)What is a pointer? What is meant by recursion?

7)Can you write a programmer for FACTORIAL using recursion?

8)What is LINKED LIST? How can you access the last element in a linked list?

The questions asked in the first technical interview are

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Write a programmer for binary searching

3. What is a semaphore and where do we use them

4. What is meant by LRU(least recently used)

5. A puzzle

6. About your family

7. About your higher studies and plans for the future

ADP Placement Paper 10 December 2013 - Paper Number 7

ADPsolved sample palcement papers with explantions

a)Aptitude-15 Questions 15 Marks

1. On a sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is Rs. 660,while the compound interest is Rs.696.30,the rate of interest being the same in both the cases. The rate of interest is

A. 10% B. 11%

C. 12% D. 10.5%

Ans : B

2. The difference between simple interest and compound interest on Rs. 1200 for one year at 10% per annum reckoned half yearly is

A. Rs.2.50 B. Rs. 3

C. Rs. 4 D. Rs. 3.75

Ans : C

3. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs.815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is

A. Rs. 650 B. Rs. 690

C. Rs. 698 D. Rs. 700

Ans : C

4. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs. 450 to yield Rs. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of simple interest?

A. 3.5 years B. 4 years

C. 4.5 years D. 5 years

Ans : B

5. Worker A takes 8 hours to do a job. Worker B takes 10 hours to do the same job. How long should it take both A and B, working together but indepently, to do the same job?

A. 2x4/9 B. 4x4/9

C. 5x4/9 D. 4x2/9

Ans : B

6. A and B together can complete a work in 12 days. A alone can complete it in 20 days. If B does the work only for half a day daily, then in how many days A and B together will complete the work?

A. 10 days B. 11 days

C. 15 days D. 20 days

Ans : C

7. An express train travelled at an average speed of 100 km/hr, stopping for 3 minutes after every 75 km. How long did it take to reach its destination 600 km from the starting point?

A. 6 hrs 21 min B. 6 hrs 24 min

C. 6 hrs 27 min D. 6 hrs 30 min

Ans : A

8. Sound is said to travel in air at about 1100 feet per second. A man hears the axe striking the tree, 11/5 seconds after he sees it strike the tree. How far is the man from the wood chopper?

A. 2197 ft B. 2420 ft

C. 2500 ft D. 2629 ft

Ans : B

9. In what ratio must rice at Rs.9.30 per Kg be mixed with rice at Rs. 10.80 per Kg so that the mixture be worth Rs.10 per Kg ?

A. 8 : 7 B. 7 : 8

C. 8 : 9 D. 9 : 8

Ans ; A

10. In what ratio must be a grocer mix two varities of tea worth Rs. 60 a kg and Rs. 65 a Kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs. 68.20 a Kg he may gain 10% ?

A. 3 : 4 B. 3 : 2

C. 3 : 5 D. 4 : 5

Ans : B

11. find the wrong one in the series 864, 420, 200, 96, 40, 16, 6

A. 420 B. 200

C. 96 D. 40

Ans : C

12. insert the missing 121, 112, ..., 97, 91, 86

A. 102 B. 108

C. 99 D. 104

Ans : D

13. insert the missing 7, 7, 24, 19, 9, 28, ..., 8, 31

A. 20 B. 21

C. 18 D. 23

Ans : D

14. In a box, there are 8 red, 7 blue and 6 green balls. One ball is picked up randomly. What is the probability that it is neither red nor green?

A. 2/3 B. 3/4

C. 7/19 D. 8/21

Ans : D

15. The probability that a card drawn from a pack of 52 cards will be a diamond or a king is

A. 2/13 B. 4/13

C. 1/13 D. 1/52

Ans : B

b)Reasoning-15 Questions 15Marks


If in a Certain language , ENTRY is coded as 12345 and STEADY is coded as 931785, then state which is the correct code for each of the given words.


A. 956169 B. 196247

C. 352123 D. 312723

Ans : D


A. 918731 B. 954185

C. 814195 D. 614781

Ans : A


A. 25196577 B. 21732199

C. 21362199 D. 21823698

Ans : B


A. 744589 B. 744193

C. 166479 D. 745194

Ans : B


A. 524519 B. 174189

C. 128174 D. 124179

Ans : C

7. Jacob is 12 years old. He is 3 times as old as his brother. How old will Jacob be when he is twice as old?

8. If it takes 2 garage mechanics 3 hours to repair 6 cars, how many mechanics would it take to repair 22 cars in 5 hours?

9. Gill’s puppy was growing fast. In the first five days since she got it it had eaten 100 dog biscuits. If each day it had eaten 6 more than the previous day, how many biscuits had it eaten on the first day

11. Edward spent $21 on drinks for a party. If the bottle of vodka he purchased was twice the price of the case of beer, and the lemonade was half the price of the beer, how much did Edward spend on the beer?

12.Simon, Steve and Stewart are all apple farmers who pool their crop each year to make cider. For this year’s harvest, Steve supplied three times as many apples as Stewart, and Simon supplied twice as many apples as Steve.If the total number of apples supplied is 900 tonnes, how many did each of them contribute?

13. It is a small town railway station and there are 25 stations on that line. At each of the 25 stations the passengers can get tickets for any of the other 24 stations. How many different kinds of tickets do you think the booking clerk has to keep.

c)Computer Knowledge-10 Questions 10 Marks

1.void main()


struct a


char ch[10];

char *str;


struct a s1={"Hyderabad","Bangalore"};





Ans: HB, HyderabadBangalor

2. main(int argc,int *argv[])


int i;

return 0;



Ans: I work for Adp

3.void main()


int i,j,k;








static int m;


return m;


Ans: 6

4.void main()


int i;





case 1:

case 2: printf("%d,",i++);break;

case 3: continue;

case 4: printf("%d,",i);





Ans: 1,4,6

5.Which of the storage class(es) becomes the global variables for the entire Program

(A) Extern

(B) Static

(C) Auto

(D) Register

Ans: A

6. What is the output of the program

void main()


char s[]="oracle is the best";

char t[40];

char *ss,*tt;





A. oracle is the best

B. Core dump

C. Error Message

D. Goes into infinite loop

Ans: B. core dump (Garbage value)

7. What is the output of the program

void main()


int j[10]={9,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,9};

int i=1;



printf("%d ",--j[i++]);



// A. 6,2,1,5

// B. 6,2,1,5,7

// c. Error Message

// D. core dump

Ans: A. 6,2,1,5

8. What is the output of the program

void main()


int i,j,k,n=5;









// A. 00011

// B. 11110

// c. 11001

// D. 11100

Ans: B. 11110

9.Which of the following storage class(es) became the global variable for the entire program

A. Extern

B. Static=20

C. Auto

D. Register

Ans: A

10.//What is the output of the program, if integer occupies 2 bytes memory?



int a;

char b;

char c[10];


void main()


int l=sizeof(u1);




// A. 13

// B. 10

// c. 16

// D. None of the above

Ans: B. 10

d)Verbal ability-5 Questions 5 Marks

1. Man who has committed such an _______ crime must get the most severe punishment.

A. injurious B. unchritable

C. unworhty D. admoniable

2. Identify the Errors in the given sentences

A. I shall B. ring him

C. tommorow D. in the afternoon

3. Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives.

b, e, d, f, ?, h, j, ?, t

A. i m B. m i

C. i n D. j m

4. Pick the odd man out

A. Lion : roar B. snake : hiss

C. bees : hum D. frog : bleat

5. Choose the word which is least like the others word in a group

A. curd B. butter

C. oil D. cheese

More ADP Papers from Old Job Interview Sessions

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