Provided by - Amdocs Placement Paper - May 2008

I have given amdocs paper on May2008.

Find some questions below

1.stdin The standard input - le descriptor 0.
stdout The standard output - le descriptor 1.
stderr The standard error - le descriptor 2.

2. Constructor sequence
function overloading

Data dictionary
Foriegn key
Union -----useful for SQL

background &
umask, mask
if will write cd on console it will move to parent, home or which directory
which cmd will not create empty file----some option like touch , cat >, cat <

venn diagram - 3questions

How many distinct 4 digit no can be made from 1-7
how many no will be divisible by 4

In interview they asked

difference in const char *p and char const *p ----There is no difference in both actually.......Although const char *p and char* const p is different

difference in (*p)++ and *p++

difference in new and malloc

what is ls-l and how do u extract one column in unix
Ans. use cut or awk cmds.......

In one of my frens interview in amdocs they asked
1. A family has several childrens. every boy has as many brothers as sisters. Every gal has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many childrens are there in family?

2. A tank is full of water. You have only 2 jars, 5L & 3L. How will u measure exactly 4L of water?

3. n couples are in a party. Evry person will handshake with each othre except his spouse. Tell total no. of handshakes in party?

4. Two trains starts from equator at same time in opposite directions on diffrent tracks. They travel same distance at same speed. Which train,s wheels will tread / wear down first?

5. A family has 4 brothers. Average height of 4 brothers is 74 inch. Difference in height of first 3 brothers is 2 inch. Difference in height of 3rd & 4th brother is 6 inch.

Tell the height of all 4 brothers?

Provided by - Amdocs Placement Paper - May 2008