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Whole Testpaper CIEM College, Kolkata - 12 September 2006 by US

Details of Whole Testpaper CIEM College, Kolkata - 12 September 2006 by US conducted by US for job interview.
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Whole Test papers for US Technology

Posted by: Prasenjit Mondal. (ECE) Date: September,2006

Academy of Technology, West Bengal.

Selection Procedure:

There were three steps
1. Written

2. GD
3. Technical or HR PI

It was my no.13 (Unlucky) campus interview, organized by NIVL , pooled

Campus held at CIEM College. Cut off marks 70% in Sem, probably all the streams are allowed .

1. Written Exam:
It was a 3 day process , At first PPT which was very very good, enjoy it. Probably 2000 students were there each day may be 600 to 800.

30 question from general aptitude and math , from time and distance, boat & stream, problems on trains , work & time, puzzle on sitting arrangements, most are from Agarwals book, a puzzle on car something like 6 cars 6 showrooms but intentionally the question was incomplete to kill time most of them are very easy

Section :2
There were 4 big sized passages but easy at all , dont try to read first. At first look at the question and then try to find out the choices, 10 questions from each passages 5 questions on Article& prepositions total 45 questions.Total time: 1 hour.

2. GD
Total 600 students are selected for Group Discussions. Written and GD are at same day I cracked the aptitude exam and selected for GD. 10 students in each group total time is 8 minutes and for some other batches it was only 5 minutes.

My GD topic : Reservation of castes in Education
Other GD topics were Black and White, Red and Blue, Whether GD is necessary in campus interview process or not, UNs roll on attack of USA on Iraq most are from very recent topics, They generally looking for good communication skills. The topic was generally selected by students if they have no choice then they give very odd topic so try to select one topic before enter into the GD room. Generally 3 guys r selected from one group.

3. PI
Total 273 selected for PI .10 students are selected from our college, Luckily i was one of them. My interview was non technical and GR. It was very nice and the interviewer was very friendly, He told me dont call me sir, ask me just by name (Shankar).The questions are
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. How many interviews you have attended earlier? What happen there? Why they didnt select you?
3. Your achievements in life?
4. Your aim in life?
5. Why you want to come in a IT company though you are from ECE?
6. Do you have any questions?