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Technology Paper General - Other JIIT Noida - 8 February 2007 by US

Details of Technology Paper General - Other JIIT Noida - 8 February 2007 by US conducted by US for job interview.
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The critera was 63% and no 10th and 12th there will be a apti paper of duration 1hr.. and will comprise of 3 section

Section 1: Ques on data sufficiency
Ques on time and work,  boat and stream, profit and loss(succsesive discount were given have to calculate the overall discount
Section 2: English long passages....
total 4 passages were dere.. out of dem 2 were very short and two were long passages of about 1 and 1/2 pages. try attemptin 1 big passage and 1 small first and if time go for the others

Section 3: Ques frm puzzle test (r.s aggarwal non verbal)
go thru the logic chapter of r.s aggarwal non verbal its imp was asked in infy also. ques frm codin decodin
2 ques on series were given that 2,100,110,1000,1001,1010..)
Ques of rank type like (ramesh rank 5th in class frm top and 23rd from bottom so how many students)

There was individual cut for every section so try attemptin all d section..
After test 158 were shortlisted for GD Mind it GD round was (main)eliminating round
topics were easy...
like reservation,beauty vs brain, internet...and all moreover dey allowed us to select the topic also

Out of 158 jus 47 were selected for interview.
interview was tech cum hr
dey asked about ur key skills and will ask from that only interview was easy....but be confident and prepare technical for cse ppl. even ece ppl should know bout dere subjects

finally 36 got selected.
and remember ur marks are carry fwd i.e everythin matters at the end ur written score+gd+interview..