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Whole Testpaper - 29 March 2007 by torry

Details of Whole Testpaper - 29 March 2007 by torry conducted by torry for job interview.
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hi friends iam ankit yadav (EC)from bansal college bhopal.finally i got place in thbs on 26/03/07 in indore.basically it was open campus so probability of selection was very less.

1st round-written test very difficult there was 20 question in 20 minutes.i remembered some question
1) 3 simple ques on probability(very easy)
2) 1 ques on clock (find degree)
3) 2 ques ratio proportion(share)
4) ques on time and distance
5) 2 ques on mixture and alli

i wana sugest u all use rs agrawal u hv to maintain time bcause 20 min is very less 1st do prob ques and 10 solid ans is enough for clearing 1st round

in indore 60 student cleared 1st round
2nd round gd (very easy)they just check ur english 30 stu cleared this round
3rd(tech +hr round)they want technically sound people(prepare ds,e1&2,dc,dcs&c&c++)

mr ashwin (coo) have taken my interv (he asked ankit tel me abt ur slf)i told every thing but when itold him about my training in bsnl sudenly he open his laptop and start writing( i told him every thing mob to land line comunication)after this he hvnt asked any tech ques i dnt knw why?so please training is very imp then hr is ery simple .finally they selected 13 student.