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General - Other IIT Lucknow - 7 April 2007 by torry

Details of General - Other IIT Lucknow - 7 April 2007 by torry conducted by torry for job interview.
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hi i m prashant srivastava, u.i.e.t.kanpur. i appeared in open campus for torry harris.

first round was Apti.20 ques in 20 mins.

there were arond 4-5 sets of papers in each batch.

ques that i remember were

1)a women has to cross the diagonal of a square of area 24200with 6.4mph wats the time

2)allegation ques(an alloy of copper,alu n brass mixed with alloy of bronze copper n silver. find % of aluminium)

3)no of 7s from 1 to 100

4)a ques on time n work( a, b, c, start some job and leave after certain days ...)

5)if P is a point on the circumference of an equi. triangle then AP^2 +BP^2 +CP^2 is?

6)if 12 almirah take 34ft. how much space does 18 take?(very simple)

7)if the radius of circle is increased by 50%. by how much will surface area increase?

8)a frog climbs 3ft in 1 hr rests for 30 mins and slips 2 ft. how much time will he take to climb a wall 18 ft high?

9)last nonzero digit in factorial of 96?

10)a simlple ques on speed n distance

11) a simple but lengthy ques on simple interest

12)clock question

13)a very simple ques on series

14)a no wen div by 9 leaves remainder 9,when div by 8 leaves 8...

15)wat is half of quarter of onetenth of 400?

16)sum of digits of 10^13-1?