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General - Interview BITM, Santiniketan - 1 April 2007 by Tech

Details of General - Interview BITM, Santiniketan - 1 April 2007 by Tech conducted by Tech for job interview.
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Hello this is Arindam Mitra. I am a 6th semester student now and I am doing my B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engg from BITM santiniketan.It was our first on campussing though our college had arranged for one or two pool campus.

Eligibility criteria was 60% throughout academics.
Around 11.45 a.m., they gave a ppt first, and then there was an online aptitude test. It had 5 sections, 3 on English & 1 on verbal & non-verbal each.

There were 75 questions to be answered in 60minutes.There were 5 parts in it.

a. Logical Reasoning verbal(20 questions)[Go through R.S. Agarwal Logical Reasoning]

b. Logical Reasoning Non-verbal(20 questions)[containing data sufficiency type questions, series completion etc]

c. English Vocabulary(15 questions)[synonyms, antonyms, phrase replacement etc]

d. English Verbs, Preposition, Punctuation etc (10 questions)

e. English Paragraph(10 questions)

No sectional cutoff is there.

No negative marking is there.

English part was very easy, so friends try to do it first.

But the biggest problem was that there were questions on quanti in the non-verbal n verbal part, so dont get confused. As there were no negative marking answer all of them. Look for the most common answer in the part you have answered or for a sequence in the paper, and mark accordingly.

But most important is--- U HAV TO PLAN & MANAGE TIME AS IT IS MOST CRUCIAL. Though they didn,t declare the cut-off officially, U HAV TO SCORE AROUND 50 to 60 to clear the apti.

Results were declared around 3.30 p.m. . . .Only 22 were selected of 94 students. Next were asked to fill a form and were waiting for the

Technical interviews. Common questions were::::
1. Introduce yourself.
2. What r ur current n last semester papers?
3. Tell me about diode.
4. Explain Capacitor with figure.
5. What gates do u know? Why they are called gates?NOT,NOT,EXNOR,FLIP-FLOP,Truth tables, combinational ckts.
6. Prepare C.V well, lots of questions from it.
7. Learn C and Data Structure as well as possible. CSE n IT students be careful about C++, DBMS, OS n any other subject given in CV.