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WIPRO Placement Paper At Kolkata On 7th March - Paper Number 7 by TCS

Details of WIPRO Placement Paper At Kolkata On 7th March - Paper Number 7 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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Category (Placement Paper or Interview Experience): Placement Paper
Date Conducted: 7 Mar 2007


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys & gals !

I think I,m very lucky bcoz I got selected in my dream company WIPRO.The selection procedure consisted of three rounds

In APTITUDE there were 15questions on VERBAL, 15 questions on QUANTITATIVE ABILITY, 20 questions on TECHNICAL. Every section has separate cut off.U have to correct 8,8,10 respectively. The aptitude was not very easy.I did not know all of the answers but as there was no negative marking so I guessed the unknown answers.

Ican remember roughly some papers.
1.There were 6 locks for which there were 6 keys each fits one of the locks.In how many ways u can open all the locks.

2.In a church all the villagers used to come on Sundays.Mr X who used to sit in the left row decided to sit one day in the right row there were equal no of villagers sitting on both the sides.But when Mr Y who used sit in the right row decided to sit in the left row then the persons in the left row is twice the no of persons in the right row.Find the total no of villagers.

3.There r 2 types of thermometers.36 degree in the 1st is equal to 72 degree in the 2nd. 42 degree in the 1st is equal to 133 degree in the 2nd. Find the temp when both show same temp.

4. 2 men & 4 women can do a piece of work in 8 days. 4 men & 12 boys can do it in 10 days. 5 boys & 8 women can do it in 12 days. In how many days 1 boy can do the whole work.

In TECHNICAL I met a very affable person.He asked me only on basic mathematics.He appreciated me a lot for my knowledge on maths.

In HR there was a lady of about 27 years old.The conversation is like
MAM>Hello Amrita!
ME>Hello Mam!
MAM>Tell me about ourself.
ME>bla.........bla.......ALWAYS B CONFIDENT & KEEP SMILING.
MAM>Have u taken any special training on dancing ?
MAM>Did u appear in previous recruitment drives?
MAM>What happened there?
ME>It was only my 2nd interview.As the previous one was not my dream so I did not try heart & soul 4 that.
ME>Why not wipro?its my dream company.My college is in sector 5.on the first day when i was coming in my college i saw the bright colourful sunflower & below that WIPRO .from that day i was just crazy about WIPRO.
MAM>Tomorrow U can see our result.