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Placement Papers-BBSBEC Fatehgarh Sahib -22 September 2011 by TCS

Details of Placement Papers-BBSBEC Fatehgarh Sahib -22 September 2011 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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Firstly i want to tnks fresherworld for the help i got from it to clr my apti.apti ws from same patern so i dnt thnk the need to post them agn.on 20th i gave apti and on 20th result ws declared n my name ws is the list.
Tech interview:
on 22 sept it ws round for tech turn ws thrd..i entered the room n interviewr welcmd me.
Q1:r u fine?
ans:i m fine bt nervous,he replied dnt be nervous be cool.
Q2:tell me abt urself?
ans:i gave brief into n he asked me my fav sng n movie n i easliy answered.
Q3:wt wr ur 6th sem subjects n tell ur fav one.
ans:i told him the names of sbjects n said tht web administration ws my fav he qustioned me abt html tags n php.
n i answred him easily.
Q4:what is normalisation explain 3nf.
ans:i explained him using an example he was impressed.
Q5:what is waterfall model.
ans:i explained him on a paper all the steps n also answered y it so called.
Q6:what is blackbox and whitebox testing.
ans:i explained him major diff b/w bth the testings.
Q7:what is groupby clause in dbms.
ans:didnt knw the ans so i jst said sir i dnt knw.
Q8:how u host any website n what are the requirements.
ans:i learnt the process of hostine in my training so explained him thoroughly he ws impressed wth me and said u gonna face HR in next round.
When i heard ths laine frm him i ws vry happy because i clrd the tech.
n then he said it ws nice meeting u mr.navikaran.
i left the room happily
HR round
Q1:r u nervous.
i said i m confident.
Q2:r u cnfident tht u wl clr hr.
i said yes sir i m cnfident bt i m nt overcnfident.he gave me smile
Q3:thn he asked me what is diff bw windows 98 n xp
frst i thought in hr hes asking me tech thn i answered him he ws impressed.
Q4:related to bond and relocation.
n thn aftr 2 hours result ws declared n my name ws in the list..
n at tht time got the happiest news of my life..