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General - Interview SRMCEM, LUCKNOW - 3 March 2008 by TCS

Details of General - Interview SRMCEM, LUCKNOW - 3 March 2008 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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Hello Friends its Abhinandan Asthana I have been selected for TCS in our college. I am Electronics and Communication Student
First thing which i like to say all aspiring for TCS is that go through previous paper for quantative aptitude and GRE Barrons 12 th edition for critical reasoning and verbal part I can tell u all the passages are same as in barons in critical reasoning go through model test paper all 5 its enough and u definitely clear written exam same with me after seeing congrats on screen and after filling form the technical round has started i have been get call at 8:20 in night i was the last person to go for technical on that day bcoz i m in batch 1 the interview was lie that first

he asked: Abhinandan u r looking very tired
I replied no sir its bcoz i hav not taken my breakfast
then he said u hav taken ur lunch i replied no sir i was givin my written at that time
then he asked about my hometown Varanasi
I replied
after that he asked about my hostel life
i replied
about 15 min passed and i was thinking it i hr or technical then he asked u hear radio city
i replied yes
then he started asking wat is FM?
i replied
registers of 8085 microprocessor?
i replied
flags of 8085?
i replied
wat is flip flop?
i replied
difference b/w calloc melloc realloc function?
i replied
wat is pmos nmos cmos?
after that he started asking about my training which i have done from IIT Kanpur in networking
i replied
after that he asked me to ask something abt them he told me abt their training procedure etc.