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Tagore Engineering College, Chennai 9 January 2011 by Syntel

Details of Tagore Engineering College, Chennai 9 January 2011 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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I wil try to recall some of the questions..

1. Find the next number in the series-4 problems
they were so easy like:
Increase by 2,4,16,25

2. Find the odd one out-3 problems
All numbers resulted in 9 while adding their digits, except 1
All numbers were divisible by some number say x, except 1

3. Find the correct spelling- 1 problem( i dont remember the word, but it was easy to make out from the option choice)

4. Blood relation-2 problems

5. Reading comprehension -3 questions(from the same passage, appeard on a single page)
6. Find which part of the sentence has error - 3 problems
The sentence was broken and each section was given as an option. Very easy like, basic grammar ( from-since, have been, adverb usage)

7. All diamond rings are blue.
some blue rings are costly.

All diamond rings are blue : 4 questions of this sort, and they ask you to arrange these 3 rules in order
options were a.123, b.231, c.213, 4.132

8. In a certain language, manage is coded as namega, then wats the code for nature?(This is a basic question.2 or 3 tricky ones were there)
4 problems of this sort

9. Alphabetical ordering questions(interesting)-4 problems
abbcccddddeeeeefffff?? (ans:fg)
adg hkm oru ??? (ans:vyb)

10. A Situation explained in a passage..and 3 questions following (say like, arrangement - tough). 12 questions (totally 4 such problems)
11. Direction- 2 problems
like- A is 20m to the south of B who is 20m to the west of C. then wat can u say about A and C?(something of this sort with 4 options including the angle and direction between A and B)

12. Incomplete sentence-3 problems
like: Im have been longing to go to London _____ from my childhood(with 4 options)

Syntel mailed us the database of shorlisted candidates, on 13-01-2011, and Im one among 45 students 4m my college

Good luck 2 u too!