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Read Online 10 - General - Other MREC, Hyderabad by Syntel

Details of Read Online 10 - General - Other MREC, Hyderabad by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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1st round
Written test
consists of two parts.Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability.The logical reasoning part consisted of 25 qs and 13 was the cutoff while verbal part had 15 qs and 8 was the cutoff.Pretty easy paper. Some 150 odd people were selected(out of 700 i think..not too sure).Results were declared at 9pm and we were asked to come after 4 days for the rest of the selection process.

We were split into groups of 10 each. There was a single HR evaluating us. We were told in the pre-placement talk before that we would be asked a question asking us to tell abt ourselves. The HR presenting told us clearly that we weren,t supposed to talk abt our academics. We were asked to introduce ourselves and that was the single HR question. People who messed up here were eliminated. People who spoke abt their acads like %s and all were also eliminated. Our GD topic was "Impact of IT industry in the growth of Indian Economy". It was almost a fish market with everyone trying to add in their points simultaneously.I managed to speak just 3rice but made pretty good and valid points. Please also do not question others. Please remember that you are here just to chip in your views and not to refute others points.This, I guess, was the major elimination round.

Technical Round
There were two panels.They were using all sorts of pressure tactics on the canditates like coming and sitting beside the canditates when they were solving the given problem or writing any given program.They asked me simple questions like Array,Linked list,differences between array and linked list...Implementation of linked list..It was majorly focused on data structures. He also asked quite a few qs in C++. I didnt know C++ but with the knowledge of Java, I could answer all the questions he asked,though not precisely. But at the end of the day, I was pretty confident of clearing the interview.I was also asked to write a few programs like printing a given set of elements using the concept of Array and Linked List etc etc..He came and sat beside me too..