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Hyderabad ,5 February 2011 by Syntel

Details of Hyderabad ,5 February 2011 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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I attended for syntel campus placement on febrauary 5th which was online written test 45bits for 45 min duration questions are bit tough first five pages consists of scenarios which was very difficult next comes easy questions on letter series, choose wrongly spelt word, direction problems, blood relations, alphabetic analogy etc.
Out of 545 candidates who attended the test 106 members where short listed luckily I,m one among them friends I want to say one thing dont waste time for scenarios come next session there are very easy questions try to answer them after wards on February 20 th interview was conducted and out of 106 members 17 members were selected

There are two rounds one is gd and other is technical+h.r in jam person asked us to select one topic we selected role of media in todays world and talked about it for one minute duration and here i want to say one thing voice play a key role be loud and clear dont drop at middle ok. Next come HR interview it was just casual talk only he asked some basics such as what is polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, difference between while and if, for loop syntax, arraysetc. Don,t be tensed be cool and just do smooth work u will be one among the syntel

Thank you friends