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Whole Testpaper Mallareddy Eng College - 7 February 2008 by Satyam

Details of Whole Testpaper Mallareddy Eng College - 7 February 2008 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.
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Hi friends, this is Sivarama Krishna(MCA) from Mahaveer Institute of Science & Technology. Recently i was selected forSatyamComputerServices. conducted in Mallreddy Engineering College. Iam interested in sharing my experience with u all. We where called for written test on feb7 2008. Total of 1900 members wrote the aptitude test.

Apptitude test was for 15marks & 30 minutes duration. topics covered in the test r
Reasoning(6 marks)
Permutations(1 mark)
Data sufficiency(1 mark)
Arithmetic(7 marks).

Reasoning questions were too lenthy to solve.So, they selected 301 students for the next round & round was on the next.

This round was combination of HR & Technical round.
Before attending the interview they conducted essay writing and my topic is: WHY DO U WANT TO JOIN IN SATYAM.

I enterd the room with a permission. May i come in Sir, Yes come in. I wished the interviewer Good after noon.Questions asked by interviewer are:
1. About ur self.
2. Told me to tell what i wrote in Essay Writing .
3. Asked questions on C language
1.what is a pointer and why it is used.
2.commands in C
4. Questions on C++
1.All OOPs concecpts.
5.Next, List out all ur subjects in 4 semesters.
1.List all subjects in Accountancy.
2.What is Software Engineering and why it is used.
3. Explain Human Computer Interaction(this is a subject in our 4th sem)
6. Draw a flow chart for displayong Largest of 3 numbers.

Friends this my experience. But dont think every student will be asked only tech questions in interviewer.For many students including our 3 friends were asked about
1. on Politics
2. Questions on Operational Reasearch and Management Information systems.
3. on inter Physics,Mathematics.
4.On DBMS.