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TECHNO INDIA College Kolkata ,23 September 2008 by Sasken

Details of TECHNO INDIA College Kolkata ,23 September 2008 by Sasken conducted by Sasken for job interview.
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1.written test
2.technical interview
3.HR interview
4.personal interview(just as a formality, in this part of interview they will ask , whether you agree with the bond or not and finally they will give you an offer letter).
written test comprises of 65 questions having three different sections

1)English 2)verbal & non-verval reasoning 3) c & c++ questions

There were two paragraphs (5*2=10 marks) and synonyms(5 marks).
IN reasoning part, ..........there were 2 puzzles(5*2=10 marks) and the other questions were
from coding & decoding (5*1=5 marks) and logical reasoning(syllogism).i don,t remember the rest.
In the c & c++ part , most of the questions were from pointers , functions, files, array, dynamic memory allocation(malloc based questions).the pattern of the question was to find out only errors or the o/p of the given program.

in technical round, as i was from ECE department they asked me most of the questions from my core subjects.
the questions were like
1) what is your aim in life?
2) which is your fav. subject?(i said microprocessors and networking)
3) what is the diff. bet. 8085 and 8086?
4) what are the no. of flags in 8085 & 8086?
5) details of flags.
6) why 8085 is called 8-bit processor and why 8086 is called 16-bit?
7) about address bus and data buss.
8) what is the difference between software and hardware interrupts?
9) what are the different layers in osi model?
10) difference between internet model and osi model ?
11) what is TCP and which layer it belongs to?
12) what is UDP and which layer it belongs to?
13) diff. between tcp and udp?
14)what is crossbar switching and strowger switching system?
15)diff. betwwen analog communication and digital communication?
16) what is the difference between structure and pointer?
17) how to create a structure?
18) what are the storage classes? explain register and static storage class?
19) write a program to swap the values using pointer?
20) how the memory is allocated in case of structure and union?

for the ECE students most of the technical questions were asked from microprocessor, networking, digital eloctronics, basic electronics and few questions were asked from c,c++.

In hr round they asked me the basic questions. so, just prepare some hr questions which are generally asked during the interview.
and remember one more thing ,collect some information about sasken(visit the website of sasken you can easily gather some information).