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Vardhaman Engineering College ,31 July 2010 by Robert

Details of Vardhaman Engineering College ,31 July 2010 by Robert conducted by Robert for job interview.
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Question paper pattern: (COMPUTER SCIENCE)
Each question carries 2 marks and -.5 negative for wrong answers.
NOTE:The same question paper would be coming for the cse and it students....Better to have a glance of this paper before u take the written exam...
The Question paper consists of three Sections
a) Technical(1-35)
-Mainly on C, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Structures,

b) Quantitative(36-50)
- Mainly on A.P, G.P , General Maths, Profit and Loss, Ratios(etc..)
c) English(51-60)
- (51-52)inferring from passages,,(53-55)..Logical Deductions.. (56-57)..Sentence Correction (58-60) ..Arrangement of jumbled sentences.
a) Technical:

int const *p = 10;
printf(%d, ++(*p));
Ans: Compilation Error
sol: Constant cant be modified.
2) .main()
int I;
char *a = man;