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S.A Engg. College,Chennai ,13 August 2008 by Robert

Details of S.A Engg. College,Chennai ,13 August 2008 by Robert conducted by Robert for job interview.
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30. Jumbled Sentences 3 qs

31. Error Correction 3 qs

32. Inference from paragraph 2 qs

TIPS: I answered only 48 qs. I skipped 2 qs in English , 3 qs in Apti, 2 qs in C++, 3 qs in Networks and 2 qs in OS. Among these 48 qs that I answered, I am sure that all of them are right. So if u answered more than 45 qs U almost get through Time is not a problem here. You can solve technical qs within 20 mins if u r sound in it
For C: Follow EXPLORING C by Yashwant Kanitkar and also see C Aptitude qs in
For Aps: Its fully quantitative so Quantitative Aptitude By Agarwal is more than enough
For OS: Concentrate on Paging, Segmentation, Commands in UNIX & MS-DOS I referred Silberschatz book
For Networks: Concentrate on Duties of Each Layers as well as Protocols used in each layer, Class Addressing, Routing & its algorithms Forouzan Book will be handy
For Data Structure: Prepare on Trees, Graphs, Stacks, queues, Linked List.. I referred Wicikipedia articles for all the Data Structure topics.
For English: Its all depend on ur English knowledge & some common sense.. For me its a cake walk.

So , The Bottom-Line is if u are sound in Technical and having a average problem solving skill and some common sense u can easily get through the Robert Bosch Written Test.All The Best Guys!!!!!!!!!!