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Paper Whole Testpaper - 25 August 2006 by Redpine

Details of Paper Whole Testpaper - 25 August 2006 by Redpine conducted by Redpine for job interview.
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First there is a written test and then interview.
Written test consists of 4 secetions
Each questions carry weightage differently
It includes both STLD ,VHDL and Microprocesers.
       1)Design 3:1 multiplexer  using one tri-state buffer,AND gates and NOT gates.
       2)The no of 2-input XOR gates required to design 19-inprt XOR gate?
       3)A 26Kbyte memory,there is memory it contains 12 adderss lines and 4 bit data  bus,the number of these type of memories required to design 26Kbyte memory?
        4)Write a VHDL or Verilog HDL code for
            out is assigned to 1 when a is ,1, for two clock cycles.
        5)what is the output of following fig.100ps is the delay for XOR gate and 50ps for AND gate .all +ve and -ve edges start at boundaries of nanoseconds.(actually the output of fig is  A(B(notC)+(not B)C) ,and the waveforms are given).
        6)design forwhich the output is 10MHz clock,input to that circuit is 30MHz.
        7)  What is shonan,s theorem?
        8)X is Gaussianly distribuyed signal
             b)X is zreo mean and a unit variance random variable,them find the mean and variance of y
         9)because of error 000 is coded insted of 0 ,111insted of 1.then what is the error correction and error detection capability of the system?
         10)A deterministic signal whose pdf is given then we have to find the minimum sampling frequency needed ?
         11)one question on bit rate.....(i didn,t rember exactly)
         12)what is the application os MS world and Msperfect application is?
         13)write a c code for factrial using recursion.
         14)some statements are given like
              putup::then lift the pen move accordingly without drawing aline,
              FD N::move forward (N distance)
              LD N:: move left at an angle of 90 degrees then move N
              RD N::move right at an angle of 90 degrees then move  N
              putdown::draw alin following instructions
what is the output of following code
FD 10
LD 1 
FD 2
RD 8
so on like is....
           13)what is the output
               int a[10]={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};
               int *p=a;
           14)two genaral knowledge questions..
           15)what is expansion of GMSK?
           16)find out the 5 digit number in that 4th digit is 4 nore than the second digit ,3rd digit is  3 less the 2nd digit andfirst is 3 times the last digit?