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Army Institute Of Technology,Pune ,13 March 2009 by R

Details of Army Institute Of Technology,Pune ,13 March 2009 by R conducted by R for job interview.
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hi guys
Here I share my experience with u people which I gain during my selection in R System.

Place: Army Institute Of Technology ,Pune
Date: 15-March-2009
No Neagtive Marking

The Selection Procedure includes,

1) Technical+Aptitude test
2) G.D.
3) Technical+HR Interview

1) On test of 1 Hour 45 Minutes duration, consisting,

30 technical objectivequestions (C, C++)
10 technical true/false questions (C++ mainly)
21 aptitude questions (Most of them r quite easy so be chill. )
There were no as such english,s question.

In AIT, out of 30 students, 18 are selected for G.D.

2) In AIT, For GD there was a groups of 6 students per batch, total 9 student got selected for further process means selected for technical+HR interview.In GD they mainly looking for good communication skill .But just don,t speak crap.Means speak some good points.

3) and In third round that was technical+HR.actually there was not separate technical and HR round..
and in interview they have asked me about me and my final year project and some basic question..
4)Most important thing is your confidence and how to represent your self...if I really say that there were guys whom,s communication skill was better than me..but the self confidence is a big thing...Enter with your full preparation some of the basic question as " tell me about self" and related to your final year project...

5) And believe in your self and in GOD.."Luck favour the Breave,"