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Placement Paper Dr.BATU Lonere 19 December 2011 by Persistent

Details of Placement Paper Dr.BATU Lonere 19 December 2011 by Persistent conducted by Persistent for job interview.
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Persistent : Test Paper

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Paper Type : Candidate-Experiences
Test Date : 19 Dec 2011
Test Location : Dr.BATU, Lonere
Posted By : vijay gade
Persistent placement paper
Persistent recruitment process and aptitude test experiences

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HI friends,
Persistent visits our campus on 20th Dec, 2011. There was pre-placement talk @ 8am. The recruitment process consists of THREE rounds and each round was elimination round.

1. Aptitude Test

2. Technical interview

3. HR interview

1. Aptitude test was online and was from 10am to 11.30am. They had prepared separate papers for entc and IT+comp. Nearly 90 candidates were giving aptitude test. It consists of three parts
a. Objective type questions (60que, 60marks, 60min. )-For entc all 60 questions were from quantitative aptitude and for others they have included technical questions.
b. Puzzle for entc and others have to write code in c.(20marks, 20min.)
c. Essay- My topic was INDIAN MEDIA(10 marks, 10min.)
Within 15min. they declared result of aptitude test.

Only 13 students were able to crack the aptitude and only 2 from entc and luckily I was one of them.
They announced schedule for technical interview, which starts from 12. My slot was @ 2.30pm and I was last candidate for technical interview but it actually starts @ 5pm.

2. Technical interview-
There were two panels. I dont know what I call myself but both panels interviewed me and it lasts for more than hour.
Me- Good afternoon sir

Panel 1 -Its already Good evening. Anyways Vijay tell me some exciting moments of your life.

Me- BlahBlah

Panel 1 - Good. I know you are not from technical background but you might have learn c, I think in first year.

Me- Yes sir, in second semester.

Panel 1- so, try to recall that and tell me about recursion.

Me- blahblah

Panel 1 - Good. Can you write code to find factorial using recursion??

Me- I am not sure but I will try.

Panel 1- Thats great. Give your best shot and let me know where you will get problem.
Me- (wrote but incorrectly)

Panel 1- (corrected it) Okay, its fine.

(Looking in to online aptitude paper) so, you have solve that puzzle.(ask question on that)

Panel 1- Well, I will give you another interesting puzzle.(given)

Me- (solved but half)

Panel 1- (solve completely) My friend want to have word with you.

Panel 2 so (looking into my resume) Vijay, if I give you stapler and asks to test it. How will you do that??

Me- blahblah

Panel 2- What else

Me- blahblah

Panel 2- Whatever you have told me was correct but I want more accurate.

Me- blahblah

Panel 2- Ok. Do you know how lift is tasted??

Me - no sir.

Panel 2- You will be surprised. (Told)

Panel2-why most of the manholes are circular in shape??

Me-(I was surprised by the kind of question but managed to told something but he was not satisfied by my ans)

Panel 2- You got distinction in x, xii till 4th sem but second class in last sem. Why??

Me- blahblah

Panel 2- (Again looking into my resume) you are good @ sports. So, why dont you make carrier in sports??
Me- blahblah...

Panel 1- I am done with you. You can go now.
Me- Thank you, sir.

After 2min. I got HR form and I was only 3rd from 13 candidates who got that form. I got call for HR interview after 5min.

HR- Please have a seat.

Me - Good evening, sir. Thank you, sir.

HR- Tell me something about yourself.

Me- (Told)

HR- Tell me your three ve points.

Me- (told)

HR- Do you know testing??

Me- Not actually but I will learn.

HR- If you dont know anything about testing, then how we should believe you.

Me- (told about testing.)

HR- Good.

HR- Do you have any questions??

Me- (asked some)

HR- fill the form FATAFAT and submit it to me immediately.

Me-ok, sir. Thank you, sir.

HR interview lasts for 10min. only. They told us that they will mail the result tomorrow. Finally they select all three(2 comp and 1 entc), who appear for HR interview and I am lucky enough to get selected.
Best of luck guys. After all luck matters everywhere.