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Whole Testpaper Lokmanya Tilak College Of Engg.,Navi Mumbai - 4 April 2007 by Perot

Details of Whole Testpaper Lokmanya Tilak College Of Engg.,Navi Mumbai - 4 April 2007 by Perot conducted by Perot for job interview.
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Dear friends,

My name is Ashish Dubey. I am in third year Electronics. Good news I got placed in PEROT Systems Corporation. The campus was arranged at Lokmanya tilak cllege of Engg, Navi Mumbai. Total 14 colleges were invited, around 680 candidates & surprisingly only 5 got placed. So u can assume it wasnt easy, infact.

Selection process:-
Aptitude test 100 marks 45 minutes

English 25 marks 20 minutes

Technical Interview 2-interveiwer

HR interview 3-interveiwer

Aptitude test:- It was consisting 1 marks - 20 questions

2 marks - 15 questions

5 marks - 10 questions
1 marks had complete the series kind of quitions.

2 marks question were really tough rather time consuming. It was based on time & work, train, water stream and age problem.

5 marks question were logical totally on C-language. Flow chart & programs were given and was asked to find output, again was time consuming.

Suggestions:- Start solving 5 marks first.Can refer R.S. Agrawal but more than that Self Practice is must. Questions were easy but time consuming so practice for short cuts & better guessing power will also help.

English test:-
It was really easy. Fill in the blanks & 4 options were given. I think no special practice is required for this.

Only 32 out of 680 cleared it.

Technical Interview:- It was really brain teasing. You must be very clear about your basics. Also u must have good command over C-language. Average time taken was around 45 minutes each candidate.

Q-asked :- What are structures in C? What is OOP in C++? Inheritance in C or C++? Construction & explanation of JFET, CMOS, MOSFET etc ? all basics.

Some candidate told to write different C-programs. Some were told to draw Electronic Ckt diagram. Some logical questions also.

Suggestions:- Nothing will help.. no luck factor only study hard be aware of your basics & some concrete C.
Only 13 out of 32 selected for HR round.

HR interview:- It was really a nightmare. 3 people were interviewing around 45 minutes each candidate. Questions were liketell me something about yourself ? why IT ? Why cant u achieve same things in Electronics or Mechanical ? Why u left your previous employment ? Given a chance will u work for them again ? If not then why ? If same profile is in IT how will u survive ? Why should we hire you ? What it means by Professionalism ? About your hobbies ..

Suggestions :- remember more than selection it was rejection round.dont lie .be ready to give examples of your hobbiesbe confidentbe calm, relaxed.they will bombard questions on u ? & will not give time u to speakbe polite & diplomatic in your approachdont act smart or over confident.

Only 5 finally got placed.

Credits:- parents & teachers firstall my classmates who helped me both ways positively as well as negatively..all my friends..

Special thanks to our honorable TPO Mr. Chandran.for supporting me motivating me & always teaching mehis anger & shouting only helped me in HR round. Always talk to your TPO.ask for suggestions.ideaskey areas to is beneficial for us not for him