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General - Other - 19 November 2005 by PCS

Details of General - Other - 19 November 2005 by PCS conducted by PCS for job interview.
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This is what was asked in Patni Interview. It was Java based interview.

1.Difference between protected, public and Private .
2. Difference between java and c. Why java is Machine Independent ?
3. can java class file run on UNIX platform.
4 What is package. use of package.
5 Limitation on definition of class in package.
6 Try catch. throws, throwable.---> Why do we use throws ? Why do we use throwable ? What is the use of Finally when there is a catch already ? final, finally, finalize ? difference
7. what is relational database.?
8. Types of drivers in JDBC. What is JDBC ODBC driver ?what is use of ODBC .Why is MS access a relational database ?
9 Why is Try catch necessary in JDBC. cant we do without that ?
10. can we define class in servlet /JSp ? why ? ---> Important cycle of servlet ?
12 . Any java Editors u have used ?
13 . difference between get and Post ?
14. limitation of get ? how much capacity of data can u send through that ?
why does that limitation exist ? is it browser dependent ? what are the types of browsers that are there ?
15. What is servlet chaining.?
16.What is JNDI ? use of JNDI ?
17. when you are using JNDI in EJB ? will JNDI be necessary when you are defining client and server on the same side ? if yes you ---->why you dont define JNDI while executing java file ? how JNDI works ? how to look for server side components through JNDI ? what protocol is used in JNDI ? what do you look with JNDI ->class, method or object ?

other than Java:
18 what is SDLC
19 what are testing methodologies that we use ?