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Details of CDAC-ACTS, PUNE by OnMobile conducted by OnMobile for job interview.
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Written exam

For c please refer c under dos by Sonam Desai. In c++ certain code snippets were given and there output was asked. In java questions were from file handling, threading, exception handling and inner classes. Try to refer SCJP Kathy Sierra to crack those questions.

Technical round

In technical round OnMobile used to emphasize on problem solving. They gave me three puzzles to solve. Yes I took time to solve them but I was able to go through .

Puzzle 1

I cant remember exactly but a 32 digit number was given and I was asked to change it to 122333444455555 without using any arithmetic operation (+,-,/,*). The question was quiet simple we have to use >>> (right shift operator) of JAVA to do this with cross referencing.

Puzzle 2

A figure was given that consists of squares, triangles, circles and lines, They asked me count total number of each figures. I will suggest to count these figures during the creation of the figure only otherwise it will be quite difficult to count them.

Puzzle 3

A king has prisoner three people , the king have 4 caps with him 2 red and 2 yellow, he randomly put the cap on their hats. The three prisoners were standing in a line with the first one facing towards a wall.

A man among them said that I am wearing a particular color of hat and he was right, as a result all of the three got free from jail. Who was that prisoner.

Answer : 2 position.

After that I was asked to solve 2 aptitude questions as I left them in written paper. I solved one out of them. They asked me why u left these questions besides there was no negative marking. I gave a smile and said there is no guess in mathematics sir.


1 )I was given a program on file handling. A file1 consists of 1000 mobile numbers and second file2 also consists of 1000 mobile numbers. I was asked to find the numbers which were common in both files and write them to a third file file3.

Ans -This was quite easy open both the files in read mode and read them till the EOF file is not reached. Store the numbers in a long variable and compare them, if during comparison u find them same write them to a file3.

Try to read and write using binary streams. They were not looking just at logic but also how efficient is the program. Like which streams have u used.

2) They gave me a situation that there is a newly established company XYZ Ltd. Has employees ( with details as empid, empname, location, salary) and company has opened its office at four different locations (east, west, north, south). I was asked to create a database with minimum number of tables, each table must contain only relevant columns.

It took time as it involved normalization but I was able to do it. The minimum number of tables required was three. One containing the employees details, second containing the zones details and third containing the zone and employee details.

After the programming they asked me about

Difference between wait and sleep,

notify (), notifyAll() are the methods of which class -> Ans :Object class

What is the difference between synchronized method and synchronized block.

In c++ they asked about RTTI and STL.

Lastly they asked about my Project which was based on struts 2.0 and hibernate 3.0


I was too nervous at this time.

Tell me about yourself

Your strengths and weakness with proves.

Objective and goal of your life.

They asked me a question that I cant understand till now also. They gave me a fill in the blank and I was asked to fill YES/No and explain why?

--------, I am a fool.

I got blanked for few seconds, then I opted for yes and then tried to justify it thorough different examples.

They were impressed at this question.

I was asked about the company and there products.

My hobbies

Salary I expect, I will like to suggest that that dont try to be ideal at this question . Try to be practical and say I want to a package so that I can sustain in the city where I will be posted and even feel secure.

Lastly They gave me a situation that if a girl is being robbed by 3-4 people. Will I save her or not?

I was blank at this moment. I took about 20 seconds to think, I was feeling that this question will let me out of the room. Lastly I said no I will not help. In the panel there was a lady, she was staring at me with red eyes. She was not looking happy at all.

Then they said what about if she might be your sister? Now I was caught. I replied yes definitely I would have helped her if she was my sister. They were laughing at me. The lady told u have a diplomatic nature we dont want a person like u in our company. I justified my answer by saying as she might also belong to the same group of robbers. Lastly I justified my answer and the lady laughed and said good you can bear pressures.