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Find Paper 9 - Hyderabad by ONGC

Details of Find Paper 9 - Hyderabad by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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hi this is saikmar from electroncs background...
the test has 2 sections------

1.technical(80 objective + 2 descriptiv

2. general (40 objective + 2 descriptive)
TECHNICAL is very very easy & the books need to follow for that is " ece objective - GALGOTIA"
OBJECTIVE is quite TOUGH & there is no need to follow any book for that.... just concentrate on daily news paper or any civils study material... yhe objective questions r lke this--->>

1. sex ratio as per 2009 census in india?
2.manansabdari system is followed by
3.political guru of gandhi
4.insarrihant power