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Find Paper 14 - Placement Papers by ONGC

Details of Find Paper 14 - Placement Papers by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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ONGC general Knowledge 2010

1.Tipaimukh dam is located in which state. Ans: Manipur

2.Untouchability movement in india is started by.

3.First Aerospace Special Economic Zone is established in. Ans: Hattargi (Karnataka)

4.Centre for space station is located in.Ans:Bangalore

5.Bear lake is located in. Ans: Canada

6.Blood pressure is measured by. Ans: Sphygmomanometer

7.What do you call when the sun is nearest to the Earth. Ans: Perihelion

8.The lowest decadal population growth is recorded in which state. Ans: Nagaland

9.The Buddhist first council is held in. Ans: rajagraha/rajgir

10.The President of India submit his resignation to. Ans:Chief Justice of India

11.The chairman for Scientific Advisory Council to Prime Minister is.Ans: C.N.R.Rao

12.The National Environmental Engineer Institution is located in. Ans:Nagpur.

13.In which assembly of Indian National Congress the topic of fundamental Rights raised. Ans:Karachi session

14.The First private company to have CISF .Ans: Infosys

15.Nar�.. book on Indigo Movement is written by.

16.Maphlol rebellion movement is raised in.Ans:Somkiat

17.The Grand Master Piramanji Negi won which of the following cup. Ans:Politiken Cup

18.Tadri Mega power project is going to start in which state. Ans:karnataka

19.Who was the president of Indian national congress when surat split b/n moderates and extremists in 1907.Ans: w.c.banergee.

20.Mansabdri system was started under the rule of which mughal emperor. Ans:akbar

21.The 17th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavan award was awarded to. Ans:Gautam Bhai

22.The Solar Mission of india was to produce 2000MW power by the year. Ans:2022

23.2010 world cup foot ball is held in. Ans:South Africa.

24.The next COP 16 programme on environment is going to held in. Ans:Mexico

25.The political guru of Mahatma Gandhi. Ans:Gopal Krishna Gokhale

26.Arihant submarine nuclear plant is constructed to produce power of ____________ KW. Ans:80MW

27. KONKAN naval programme is between which two nations. Ans:INDIA AND ENGLAND

28.Pallegra disease is caused by deficiency of which vitamin. Ans:niacin,

29.The Child act of children under 14 should not work in factories and hazardous conditions is written in which article. Ans:article 24

30.The highest peak of Satpura range is.. Ans:Doopgarh.

31.The present chief of UN nuclear watchdog,IAEA. Ans:Yukiya amino.

32.In which state all the seats of legislative assembly won by single party.Ans:Sikkim

33.According t o constitution of India the min. age for Chief Justice of India.Ans:No min. age required.

34.The source point of River Krishna is. Ans:western ghats near mahabaleshwar

35.The NH-15 connects which two cities. Ans:Kandla and pathankot

36.The Armed Force agency chief is.ANS: A.K.Mathur

37.According to latest consensus the female sex ratio is.Ans:933

38.The Red Blood Corpuscles are also called as.Ans:erythocytes

39.The naturally formed sweetest sugar is. Ans:sucrose

40.tropic of Capricorn cuts twice which of the following river.


1.write impacts of globalization on rural economic growth.

2. Explain UNITY IN DIVERSITY in india.

3.Steam enters a nozzle at 656 kpa , 473K (H=3062 KJ/kg) at velocity of 10 kg/s and leaves the nozzle at 436 kpa. , 373K (H= 2092 KJ/kg) and heat losses to surroundings 100 kw. Find velocity of steam leaving nozzle.

4. A sudden cold wave can reduce atmospheric temperature to -20 deg C .

a) If ground temperature is 5 deg C. at what distance a pipe in which water is flowing has to be buried in order to avoid freezing.

b) Calculate minimum distance of penetration.

Thermal diffusivity of soil is 0.011m2/s.