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General - Other Bangalore - 7 January 2005 by Ness

Details of General - Other Bangalore - 7 January 2005 by Ness conducted by Ness for job interview.
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Hi ,

I am Jadu, from jec(Assam, Golaght). I got an offer from NESS Technologies Inc. So I am joining on

24th of this month in their Kormangla, Bangalore office.

I attented the technical as well as the written on 7th of this month in

their Kormangala office. There were two phases of interviews

(technical) and one written test.

I was called for the HR interview on 10th and I was offered in the

same day. I am sending the Interview pattern. Interested ppl may go

thro it. So all the best to all for the better future.

1. egrep,fgrep command in Unix.

2. string concatenation program using pointer

3.Some simple SQL queries.

4.layers of TCP,OSI model.

5.Disadvantage of Waterfall model, wat other models u know??

6.diff bet Linux, windows

7.semaphore concept

8.diff scheduling algo.

9.SDLC cycles, Testing types??

10. Memory mngt schemes

11. Abt projects

12. Chown command in Unix.

13.chmod , permissions

14.rm -f option.

15. To convert one exp from infix to prefix

16.static storage class

17.reverse one single linked list, just the code

18.diff bet doubly and circular linked list

19.hashing in Linux script to find prime no bet 1-300, to list all the processes

begining with sd running at that moment

22.Binary search code

23.$?,$! in unix meaning

24.cocept of deadlock, starvation, solution to starvation

25. wat is FILE in file i/o in Linux

26.gateway concept.

27. 2 ways to execute one shell script.

28.Wat is kernel locking??

29.#! at begining of shell script, wat it means??

30.regualr expression for a valid 10 digit no??

31.. and .. ?? wat they mean??

32.While choosing an OS for ur PC, on wat basis u will select the OS??

33. Size of int in windows and Linux.

34.Wat other models of SE u know

These were the qs i remeber. So go thro ur projects well.