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General - Other - 30 November 2003 by Nagarro

Details of General - Other - 30 November 2003 by Nagarro conducted by Nagarro for job interview.
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I attended the Nagarro selection test on the 30th. paper was the same pattern as before. there were two parts

1) aptitude duration 90 min
2) technical duration 60 min (for freshers) / 30 min (for exp)

In technical paper, we had a choice of three papers - Java, Vb, & C++. I wrote on C++

In aptitude paper, they have 25 qns on maths and 25 on reasoning. Maths qns level is same as that of CAT. Mensuration, trignometry, interests etc. are asked. they alos provide you with some formulae on the back of the qpaper. pls note that not all the formulas will be used and not all that are needed are provided. there is negative marking in both papers (+3 & -1). I prepared for this section from IMS CAT material.

In C++ paper, prepare C++ well alongwith data structures. I found Robert lafore to be quite a useful book. besides this there is a book by Stephen Prata (although it,s level is considerably higher than that expected in the test). Some of the questions i remember are

can a deconstructor be overloaded
Find the output (4-5 qns on this)
Time complexity
Queue, deque, linked list
We can simulate queue using two stacks. Can we simulate two stacks using a queue? etc..