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General - Other - Updated Paper 4 by Mindtree

Details of General - Other - Updated Paper 4 by Mindtree conducted by Mindtree for job interview.
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This is mindtree paper consists of 2 sections.One is aptitude which has -ve marking .each one carries 3
marks for correct ans and -1 for wrong one.section B has no -ve marking and carries 2 marks each
one.Duration is 1 hour.

1.find out the area of given shaded part in a graph?
2.which one of the following is not right angle triangle?
Ans: D(9,16,12)
3.sum of the consequent 7 integers some 1613. Find the no. of prime numbers in that sequence.
Ans:2(check it out) no.of players is 99 other than me.50 plays soccer,45 plays basket ball,50 play valley ball.15
play all three.How many will play only 2 games/
ans:15(check it out)
5.fresh mangoes have 70% of water in weight, dry mangoes 20% of water in weight..what is the weight of
dry mangoes if weight of fresh mangoes is 20kg .ans(d)
a)6.68kg b) connot be determined c) 6.0kg d)6.6kg 63 matches are conducted in Knockout match type.How many players will be participated in that
7.find out next one.
B A C B D C E D F ?
8. X is min of { n+5,6-n} then what is the min of X if,0