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General - Other Terna - 2 April 2008 by Mastek

Details of General - Other Terna - 2 April 2008 by Mastek conducted by Mastek for job interview.
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hi frns, tryin my bit to help all u guys n gals appearing for MASTEK placement.




1)      C++
15 questions.
More than half were conceptual for example: Which of the following statements are true:


I)Destructors can have arguments. F

II)Destructors can be overloaded.  F


IV).so on


Another example: Can friend functions be calld using pointer to pointer functions? Ans: NO


What is the default access specifier for an inheritance? Ans: Private
Lotsa questions on INHERITANCE concepts


2)      RDBMS
15 questions.
Some were conceptual, some were very general and others were kinda queries. For eg: which type of join  is not used commercially?
Ans: Inner Join


Then.Definition of 3NF was given and we had to find which normalization was it representing. Read up all of the Joinsi.e Natural,outer,left outer,right outer etc. This section is not very difficult if you know the basic fundas of DBMSno need to go in depth


        15 questions
        Either we had a question, codes as the options and choose the right one..for eg: to find prime nos frm 1 to 100 which of the following code is correct. 4 options were given.
A pattern of output is given say
0 1 0
0 0 1 2 0 on and 4 codes as options, choose the correct. The catch here was only abt the format and not the logic in most this case..der were two exactly similar option the only difference being a PRINTLN statement after every output in one of dats the correct one!!!
Or  There were questions with loops starting frm I=0 upto I=50 and we had to find the value of sum variables used in the for loop after the executionagain the catch here was u neednt have to go thru the loop 50 times during the dry run..u tend to get a kind f sequence when u do the dry run for abt 5-6 times and den u apply ur quant abilities and get the answer.
Some of the options in d code had simple SYNTACTICAL errors and were to be striked off as u din have to actually dry run sum codes at all!!!


4)      VERBAL
        15 or 20  questions
        It was very simple..choose correct alternative/best word that suits the sentence, simple synonyms and 2 reading comprehension which were technical related topics.for instance We got one on Microprocessors and another on Multithreading so I dint have to read the passage at all to anwer the question.


        15 questions
        Very simple. Two questions were based on Venn Diagrams and one on sequences while a few others on Logical Reasoning. A bit of RS agarwal and a cool mind is enuf to clear this.


6)      CASE STUDY
        5 questions
        There was a case study given on Stacks:
Ram,Ravi and Nithya in one class and 3 other students (names I dont remember) in another class. Their weights were given in kgs. You have to place them in two separate stacks such that the weight of the person on the top of stack is the lowest.
There were 5 very simple questions on the stack implementation for this scenario. If there is a Case Study section, please do attempt it.