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Whole Testpaper Trident Academy - 19 March 2008 by L&T Infotech

Details of Whole Testpaper Trident Academy - 19 March 2008 by L&T Infotech conducted by L&T Infotech for job interview.
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Hi friends....myself  KUNAL from Jagannath Institute for technology & management, paralakhemundi. Now i m in 6th i m going to tell about my experience about that placement drive. this was my second company bcoz i was not eligible for INFOSYS due to some new conditions. I was very shocked due to this and frankly speaking i had not a good preparation for this drive. I decided not 2 attend the drive but my girlfriend and my elder sister forced me to attend the drive. Around 1300+ candidate  attended the drive.

There were 3 rounds..
1. Written test
2.  Group discussion
3.  Personal Interview

Written test:
It was consist of three sections.
1. Aptitude(30 quest)
2. Reasoning(30 quest)
3. English(30 quest)

Aptitude section was a little bit tough. I didn,t prepared well for this section but anyhow i managed to do this portion. My suggestion is to refer R.S.AGGARWAL for this section. It is just more than enough...but u need to be conscious towards time management as there was sectional and overall cutoff.

Reasoning was the portion which was positive point 4 me as i prepared it in a nice manner for INFOSYS. Again u go through VERBAL & NON-VERBAL REASONING BY R.S.AGGARWAL....Try to complete this portion in short while of time bcoz all the question will be easy..

English eas in between the two...not so easy..not so hard...4 synonyms were there which were as usual tough. Then two passages were der...which u should do in the last coz it is an easy part.. Regarding english i will say that if u have a good background of english then it will be a plus point for u...

Around 5:30 p.m. results for the written test were declared. Around 550+ cleared the written test and i was one of them.

Group Discussion:
After the results of written test 47 batches for GD were formed...In each batch 12 students were present..I was in batch no:31...Aroound 7p.m. we were called for the GD...we suggested the topic LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP....but the HR changed the topic by LOVE MARRIAGE Vs. ARRANGED MARRIAGE..

So..u be prepared with 2-3 topic of your own...our discussion went in a nice manner...and finalle i emerged as the leader...that was a positive sign for friends..for GD keep u need to be a good communicator..u need to keep your points in a clear manner with in a short while of time..

Around 9:30p.m. results were declared...selection was very tough as they were selecting maximum 4 from a group...from our group 4 were selected and again i made it..

After results documents verification were done and we were said to report at 8;00 a.m. sharp by next day...

we were knowing that PI will be held but they changed the programme and they converted PI into Group interview...In my group 12 members were der..
Around 9:30 a.m. we were called for the was a HR interview only...general HR questio wer easked from us....when my turn came i thought that if i could represent myself in a nice manner for 10 minutes my life will be changed....
HR: From where u are?
Me: told..
HR: About family background.
Me: told
HR: are you willing to work anywhere?
ME: told..
HR:what is your position in your class?
Hr: then questions from summer training.. if any(not technical)
Me: told about my training.
HR:then he asked some questions about hobbies...
Me:told in detail(be prepared for lot of questions from this part)
HR: do u know anyone in L&T?
Me: i told about my school senior who was working in L&T for 3 yrs.
HR: finally he said..if u have any questions>
Me:do u neet to go for some additional training to be fit in L&T?
HR: replied in a very nice manner...