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Whole Testpaper Ghaziabad - 23 January 2008 by L&T Infotech

Details of Whole Testpaper Ghaziabad - 23 January 2008 by L&T Infotech conducted by L&T Infotech for job interview.
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L & T INFOTECH PAPER ON 23rd JANUARY AT GHAZIABAD  Hello frnds     Myself Ankita Srivastava , student of B.TECH 3rd year (I.T.) ,IMSEC Ghaziabad. L&T Infotech visited our college on 23 jan, 2008 . Only students having 60% throughout tenth, twelth and and maximum 4 backlogs that 2 cleared in next attempt were eligible 4 L&T Infotech. Five colleges were there namely IMSEC, AKG, RKGIT, HRIT and SGIT. Approximately 1200 students Appeared 4 the written xam. Around 200+  cleared the written. 63 were frm IMS . There were four rounds namely: 1.  written 2.  extempore 3. technical round 4. hr interview  There were 3 sets and dat too totally different. They were white, pink and yellow in colour. I got pink one. I must tell u dat   Around 8-10 questions were from previous years. Apti was easy, verbal n non verbal was also easy and English was vry Easy. Many of my frnds prepared 4 english also but frankly speaking I paid attention only 4 apti n verbal , non verbal while I Was preparing 4 placements. But if u r frm U.P. Board then work 4 english 2.there were 30 questions in each section namely aptitude, verbal non verbal n english . there was sectional cutoff also. I think it was 20-22.few questions I remember are as follows:   APTITUDE 1. bus was travelling at distance of 60 mt before car in car 20 sec. car is ahead of bus by 40 mts . if car was traveling at speed of 30km/hr then wat is speed of bus?  ANSWER is 20m/sec 2.    three men can dig 3 trenches in 5 days.then how many persons are required to dig five trenches in 5 days( working 8 hrs per day). 3.   two questions on a.p. 4.  the average of 6 numbers is 8. average of 8 numbers  is 6 . then wat is the average of the two numbers which are added later to the series. ANSWER: 0 5. I exactly dont remember d question .one question on evaluation like
1.175*1.175+ 2345*14563/ 2345.87   6.  I exactly dont remember d question .one question on finding value of x like:  X* 25/89=45/87 7. one more question on evaluation was there. 8.   one question on the problem of ages. 9.   one question on heights n distances. Like angle of elevation is given n length of shadow is given . find height of tree.
10. one question on alligation n mixture. 11.  one question on profit n loss 12.   one question on probability 13.   one question like cost of 5 apples and 2 oranges is given. Price of 7 apples n 8 oranges is given then find price of  three apples. 14.  one question on % 15  one question on ratio n proportion 16. one question on pipes n cisterns 17.   in a km race , A beats B by 28 kms or 7 sec. find As time over the course . ANSWER: 4 min 3 sec 18.  one question on permutation n combination. 19. one question on line graph. 20.   one question was like a number when divided by 5 and 7 gives remainder 1 and 3 resp. find the number.   VERBAL AND NON VERBAL  I exactly dont remember the questions. Some of them are: 2 questions on statement and conclusion based on syllogism. 2 questions on analytical reasoning. Question on blood relations. I exactly dont remember d question.   Question on mixed letter coding like tu ka tee. is  rohanblack and kee ta.. is moha ..brown n one more code was given.then wat  does ka stands 4? 3 questions on coded relations.. like question 7 of exercise 5C page 238 r.s aggarwal One question was like in a race B is in 2nd position . C is always  ahead of A .. question was frm puzzle test. Question 11 of Exercise 9A page 348 of logical venn diagram of r.s aggarwal. Question 30 of Exercise 9A page 350 of logical venn diagram of r.s aggarwal 2 questions on alphabet test like ENYTRET        . find the number of N which r followed by N and not preceded  by R. Questions on series were also there.   ENGLISH   There was one paragraph which was vry easy. I will suggest u not 2 read the whole passage instead go through the questions and then find answer frm the passage. There were questions on finding errors. Questions on find appropriate phrase to replace the already given phrase in the sentence. 5 synonyms were asked like CRYPTIC,  SANGUIN, FAUX PAS.. Questions on analogy.     EXTEMPORE: Second round was extempore round   The HR person asked us to speak on any subject of our curriculum or a little beyond it The topic should not be reapeated. There was 3 min time 2 think and 1 min to speak. When my name was called I spoke on automobile engineering . as I thought dat todays latest news is NANO n I thought To relate NANO wid automobile engg. i was speaking abt automobile n then nano then the HR person stopped me n asked to change the topic. Then afterwards I spoke abt E.Commerce n then 2 he stopped me after 20 sec. I was shocked dat he was listening 2 everybodys topic for 1 min n why he stopped me after 20 sec. I must say dat they only see ur ways of expressing ur thoughts n way of standing. Ur confidence is checked. As I was asked 2 change d topic n then 2 I was confident wid my 2nd topic also . I spoke wid full confidence but I was vry afraid of being eliminated as he asked me to sit just after 20sec. but I was selected for next round. I must also tell u the topics wat other persons spoke abt. They were BLUETOOTH, INTERNET,ZERO, MICROPROCESSOR, COMPILER etc.   Then they asked the selected candidates to fill up their form. I should be vry clear here 2 all of u . u should fill up the form very carefully because they see evryhing u hav mentioned in the form like ur objective, strengths, weakness, achievements, academics, why L&T  etc    TECHNICAL ROUND.   The third round was technical round. We were asked to take our cv alongwid the form wid us. A person from Chennai was there to check our technical skills. We went in a group of 6. he took my cv n asked me to choose one subject apart frm C, JAVA, DBMS. I said I will go for SE then he asked me to tell any conceptual subject. Then I said I will go for OOPS as I m an IT student. He gave me A4 sheet. He asked me to explain abt constructor  and write a program using constructor  He asked me to abt deconstructor and its logical expression. He then asked abt function overloading and asked to write a program using it and also explain the memory allocation and how the compiler will understand to call which function . He then asked me abt recursive function n asked me to write a function using recursion He then asked me to write a factorial program n then asked its terminating condition. I well answered and wrote all the programs he asked me to write. Then he asked me why L&T  Infotech? I answered it . Then he asked all of us a puzzle it was like there are 6 balls among those 5 hav same weight and 1 is having a little more weight than a single ball. In how many ways we can determine that heavier ball? He said its our homework.   I should tell u dat there was another person of their company who was asking the candidates to speak on their extempore topic 4 abt 5 min n then he was asking questions regarding it. So some of us gave totally technical round and some like dis one.   HR INTERVIEW   Then the selected candidates were allowed to give HR interview. The lady was taking HR interview. When I went to interview room she was on phone I entered n she asked me to sit. I wished her gud evening.Meanwhile she was talking on phone she gave me one question like:   Q.1/5, 0, 1, -2, 9, -38, 101,_ ,_ . fill the next two numbers.  I  tried 4 it but I was not getting any pattern then after trying a lot I said mam I m not getting the pattern  Q.Then she asked me question on Roman numbers like she gave question on finding the value .  I answered it. Q. so ankita u hav written Mumbai for posting. In case I send u 2 chennai then will u go? A . ya , sure mam I will definitely go to Chennai Q. U hav mentioned Mumbai here A. yes mam , bcoz the head office of L&T infotech is in Mumbai dats why I opted 4 Mumbai. Q. so ankita tell me abt urself. A. I started giving my introduction. When I said I m pursuing B.Tech frm IMS engineering college and moved to my fathers name then she interrupted me and said so u r talking abt IMS EC, Ghaziabad. Then I smiled n said yes mam I m talking abt IMSEC, Ghaziabad. Then when I was telling my fathers name then again she interrupted n said so u r talking abt dis college Then I smiled n said yes  mam I m talking abt dis college. Actually she was chcking my patience. So b cool n confident n always hav smile on ur face. Q. so ankita wat is ur rank in ur class A. I answered it. Q. ankita tell me five qualities to b a gud reader. A. I answered concentration, deep knowledge I mean one should not go to the literal meanings of the word  instead one should hav deep knowledge of it, good selector of books Q. then she asked how good selector of books? A. I answered that there are plenty of books regarding any topic so its the reader who will decide to go 4 which buk which will be appropriate 4 him. Q. Then she asked ankita do u hav reading habit? A. I answered mam previously I was so busy wid my course books dat I hardly read any extra book but now I m having interst in reading buks other than subject books. recently I hav read a 5.SUMONE Q. then she asked me to narrate it A. I narrated it to her. Then she said NICE ANKITA I said nice talking 2 u mam he said same here n I moved out of rum   Our final result was announced on 28 jan , 2008 and finally I was selected n I was at the top of the world at dat time.Finally 51 students were selected. 12 frm IMS , 2 frm HRIT, 1 frm SGIT, 29 from AKG and 7 frm RKGIT.i should tell u dat they only see ur patience, confidence n way of answering the questions at the time of HR round. Although I was unable to answer the 1st question which was on series then 2 I was selected its just bcoz I tried 4 it n was vry confident wid other questions  n I well answered other questions n was not nervous when I was unable to get a pattern in question. So b confident n cool n hav patience. I would like to thank god, my mom, dad, bro , teachers n my friends who were always there to support me n encourage me. Frnds its all ur destiny n hard work.There were many deserving candidates who not even cleared the written xam also so always b positive n hav faith on ur hard work n GOD.