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General - Other MITS,Gwalior(MP) - 18 February 2007 by L&T(EEC)

Details of General - Other MITS,Gwalior(MP) - 18 February 2007 by L&T(EEC) conducted by L&T(EEC) for job interview.
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Hi.. here is the process..

Day1First step-Written test(1 and 1/2 hrs)Had 4 sections-(15 ques each section)
1.Maths Aptitude-Simple logical ques..2.English-not tough. general eng.. fill in the blanks type.3.Pictorial puzzles-this section was a little different n time consuming. Puzzles may at first seem tough but they were again logical. if u can practice them from some book do it.4.Mechanics-class 12th based. a lot like the one we practice for various engg level competition exams. a few topics that i remember are pulleys-find tension in a certain string, fluid mech, time period n frequency, spring constant will double or get halved etc. For mechanical students there was a separate section (25 ques) completely on mechanical stream. Its included almost all spheres. Grears were there, Fluid, production sc., Material sc. etc Step 2-Grp discussionsBatch of 10 students were given a topic. students were asked to speak (in a pre defined order) on that topic for 1 min approx .Its aws actually not a gd but still. actually it concentrated  mostly on communication skills n ur personality. Day 2Step 3-PIIn depth knowledge of ur stream was checked. HR was fine. general ques. a very chilled out atmosphere was established in the room. conducted very nicely.Over all it was a fabulous experience, well managed n conducted. n ya i got selected..