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TCS Placement Papers-Techno India(salt Lake)-29 August 2011 by KPIT

Details of TCS Placement Papers-Techno India(salt Lake)-29 August 2011 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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My experiences with the TCS hurdle!!
I am a final year Electrical Engineering student of NSEC, Kolkata, under the Techno India Group. Recently Tata Consultancy Services had come to pay a visit to our college and the criterion were as follows:

1) Minimum 60% throughout

2) Maximum of 2 backlogs in the previous semester.

3) According to the WBUT curriculum, the percentage, corresponding to a given CGPA was to be calculate as (CGPA-0.75)*100..

Direct interview was arranged for those candidates who were having 75% or above throughout.. thus, 75% in classes 10th and 12th (which was to be calculated as total marks obtained in all the subjects divided by the total number of subjects) and a minimum CGPA of 8.25(equivalent to 75% subject to the rules) was the required criterion for the direct interview.

The rest of the lot had to appear for the online aptitude test, firstly and qualifying the same would make them eligible for the final interview round. So i was one of them who had to appear for the online aptitude test. The reporting time was 7.30 AM in the morning, at Techno India, Kolkata. We arrived right on time but we were made to wait for a long time. Eventually we were signalled to move to the room where the online test was scheduled to be held. The test was on the touchstone, which comprised of 35 questions and 80 minutes were allotted for the same. Rough sheets would be provided by the invigilators and additional would also be provided. The test paper would seem to be really easy if you are thorough with the questions given on (the previous TCS papers), because all the questions were common. Once the test came to an end, we were told to wait in the seminar room. The results came within an hour. Almost all the students had cleared the aptitude round. The cut off was not known, though students who mentioned that they had attempted 22 questions out of a total of 35 had also made it through the aptitude round. Its better to score above 27 out of 35. I had attempted 29/35 questions. The various formalities which included document verifications and submission of the CV took place after the same results were declared.

The next hurdle was the final interview round. This was a deciding round and an elimination round as well. There were round 80 panels that had come for the interview process. We were instructed to move up to the respective class rooms from where we would be summoned for the interview rounds. My name was announced almost immediately and few other students, along with us were told to move up to a corridor. The classrooms in those corridors were filled with interviewers who were taking the interview of the students. You need to be ready with your documents, your CV and all necessary items. (though they had instructed that nothing but a pen would do it). My name was eventually called and i went up to the room. The interviewer who was supposed to interview me was leaving the room because of some reason and he walked up to me. I cordially wished him and he told me in an amiable manner, please dont call me sir, call me Arvind.. this was not so easy because in those strenuous and tense situations the same is not possible. The questions which he started with were:

1) introduce yourself

2) Being an electrical engineering student, why would you like to join TCS?( be ready with the ans if you happen to be of a stream other than CSE or IT)

3) What are the basic subjects you are having in your curriculum?

4) What is the difference between Computer Science and IT?

5) What type of Programming language is C?

6) You are having two companies A & B. What points will you look into before going for any one? (This was followed by a dangerous question)

7) You have 3 companies TCS, Wipro and IBM. Which one will you opt for?( friends, remember this is an eliminator question. Be ready with the answer with at least a reason or two in your support)

8) You have 10 members in your team, 4 are working and the rest are casual. What would be your idea?

9) You are busy, performing some important work and your colleague walks up to you and requests you to help him solve a problem, what would you do? Would you leave the current work and go to help him or would you simply balk?

10) How long will it take you to learn a programming language?(DONT!! Put any numerical figure as your answer.. you may end up screwing yourselves!!)

11) The nest 2-3 questions were from my projects and Tech Fests had participated in.

12) Do you have any preferred locations for posting?

13) Do you have any question for us?

The interview eventually came to an end when he told me that we would be informed regarding our results within a few days. Well my joy had no bounds when at 1.30 AM at night, we were looking at the list of the qualified students. I was one of them. 350+ students finally got selected. It was a matter of success for each and every successful student of our college.

You need to keep track of a few things before you go for the interview:

1) You need to be having adequate speaking skills. Its mandatory. If you have the slightest doubt that you may be weak at speaking and communicating in English, buck up and start reading English books, newspapers and all reading materials that comes your way. Talk to your friends in English. No need to feel shy because everyone has to start from a lower level.

2) Be strong with the computer subjects if you happen to be of the Computer Science stream. For other streams, C programming language is a must and be prepared with at least 2 departmental subjects.

3) Last but not the least, be confident and put your trust in the lord. YOU WOULD DEFINATELY SUCCEED!!!!!