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PATNI (PCS) Placement Papers, Tirupathi On 22th & 23th Of DECEMBER 2010 by KPIT

Details of PATNI (PCS) Placement Papers, Tirupathi On 22th & 23th Of DECEMBER 2010 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Hi, frnds...I am NUPAL REDDY...PATNI (PCS) came to our College SREE VIDYANIKETHAN ENGG.COLLEGE, Tirupathi on 22th & 23th of DECEMBER 2010. (ONCAMPUS)
Eligibility: SSC-60%, Inter/Diploma-60%, B.Tech-60% (Without backlogs)
Package: laks, M.Tech-3.75 laks
The selection procedure is like this
1. Aptitude test
2.Business Mail Writing/Simple Eassy Writing
3.Personal Interview (Technical and HR)

1).Aptitude test: It contains 3 sections (Total 60 questions 60 min)
i) Verbal (only English): it contains articals, prepositions, and tenses. (20 questions 20 min).
ii) Reasoning: This section is very easy, it contains only non-verbal questions. Mainly the questions on ages, diagrams, statements, conclusitions, seating arrangements, number sequences, venn diagrams, blood relations, coding, and some logical questions. (20 questions 20 min).
iii) Aptitude and arithmetic: This section is also very easy because all problems are in R S Aggarwal, for this section only prepare RS Aggarwal is enough. (20 questions 20 min).
NO Negative Marking
Around 400+ students are attempt the written test, only 170 students are clear the test.

2) Business mail writing/Eassy Writing: This was the easiest round for every one. This is not an elimination round. Here they gave us a paper with a case study & we asked to write a simple mail on behalf of someone as per the case study instruction or simple eassy writing. In this mail your grammar & vocabulary will be checked in time of u r interview, so be careful when u r writing.

3). Personal Interview (Technical and HR): HR and TR was very very easy, they concentrate only your communication skills and confidence levels. If you can speak well I think they will like you. They were very keen to see my communication skill, Human resource management & technical skills
Just go for the basic concepts in computer subjects like c, java, DBMS etc.
Mainly the questions are:
--Tell about your self ?, --your family background
--your project is very important in this round so many questions are came from project.
-- I think HR and TR is very easy
Finally the results are announced 100 members are selected in 170 members.
I am also selected in PATNI company, I am very happy on that situation?
I hope to see you in PATNI.