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3i Infotech Aptitude General 24 April 2012 by KPIT

Details of 3i Infotech Aptitude General 24 April 2012 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Paper pattern

Time duration: 90 mins

-ve marking : .25

3 sections..Verbal, Logic,Arithmetic( 50 qn each. Total 150 qns.)


one unseen passege of 400 words government loan policy n 10 related ques.and

3 synonyms (range,retreats,unrelenting)

2 antonyms( extreme,continous) these words were marked bold in the pessage.

10 ques were on filling pessage with words given.para was on software development in India.(requires strong vocabulary.)

10 on error finding.

5 were to arrange sentences in proper order.

10 ques to fill blanks with proper grammer form of words.


15 on DI (5 on tabular table,5 on bar graph, 5 on pie chart)

2 ques on simple nd compound intrest.

7 ques on data sufficiency (easy one)

5 ques were given in which 2 quadratic equations were given in each question n we have to compare value of x nd y.

2 ques to find odd one from options given.(mera ek galat ho gaya)

7 ques to find wrong term in series.

4 ques to find value of (?) in equation.

5 ques on permutation nd combination.


10 ques on puzzle ( two puzzles were given)

4 ques on coding-decoding

5 ques like

p @ I means p>I

e%j means e

5 ques like

a&b%c means add a with product of b and c etc

find value of(?) in equations

5 ques on syllogism

all cats r dog

all dogs r bags etc n choose the correct conclusions.

5 ques on series of mixed characters,numerals n alphabets anser ques checking arrangement.

Dats all dat I remember..paper was really tough..try bank PO papers n CAT pattern was followed.BYEone more thing B4 going to give paper check how to fill the omr answer sheet from documents given by 3i on net..many candidates were creating panic there..BYE..