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22 November 2007 by KPIT

Details of 22 November 2007 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Quantitative questions:

1) how many numbers are there from 1 and 1000 (excluding 1 and 1000) which are both squares and cubes?

Options: 1,2,3,4

2) two to three questions from sphere and cone in which the height doubles the radius like

3) one questions from allegation and mixture like

there is a misture of alcohol and water one mixture ratio in one beaker is 1:9 and in other is 2:3 then how much ratio of alcohol and water will be added to make the ratio 3:4 in the third beaker.

4) one question from profit and loss like :

a man sells a bike and a cycle for 30,000 each and then he had to face a profit of 20%on one thing and loss of 20% on one thing then wht was his cost price for both .?

5)one question from simple and compound interest

6) one question from time and distance

one question from heights and distances

mainly all quant from r.s agarwal aptitude buk

Verbal questions

There were 5 complete the sentences and 5 there were analogies

It was bit tough

So practice it from gre buk or any gud verybal buk

Analogies were like

Lobster : pot

Options :rabbit:snare like ..


Guffaw:laugh guffaw is a loud laugh

Options: whimper:sumthing

Logical Section :

It was everything from r.s agarwal verbal n non verbal ..

There were few syllogism wid four options that can be easily solved by vein diagram . like given on pg no. 15 to 29 in logical section of the buk

There were 5 questions of assertion and reason from the same buk

One was ques 2 pg no. 544, 2nd was ques no.11 pg no.544 , third was ques no 21 pg 545

One was ques no .13 pg 548, one was ques 5 pg 549 of buk r.s agarwal verbal n non verbal exactly same to same.

There was one question from inserting the missing figure and its answer was 16

It was solved sumthing wid the pattern tht square of one no. square of 2nd .

There was a question based on puzzle test

Sumthing like a is heavier than b n p and r r lighter n whose heavier .. 4-5 questions were based on this

Then there was a question on translating the words .. a song was given in sum jumbled alpahabet and the meaning was given we have to guess the meanin of the song . sumthing like this . basically jumbled alphabets ..

Thn there was a question like that a team has to be made keeping following points in mind like a and c cant cum together b and c doesnt well well ..

And 4-5 questions were based on this ..

Last section

1) full form of html ?

2) full form of oops?

3) Full form of sql ?

4) Which is not a dbms ? Sybase,oracle,sql,keybase,db2 and ans is keybase

5) Wht is rdbms ? tables r created

6) 6)how many giga byte make 1 tera byte? Options were 10,1000,10000

7) which is the latest lenova technology ? facial recognization password

8) which is nt a operating system ? options were linux,unix,pix,aix ans.aix

9) which is of these programs r used in software testing? Options win runner n win loader was the answer

10) full form of sdlc? Software development life cycle ..

This was the written test pattern and if u r lucky then questions can match too .

then in gd my topic was role of it in rural development juz speak to the point and meaningful point . in my case the guy from the company asked us to discuss for 5 mins for the topics and present the views inddependlty . nd after 5 mins he asked sumone to be the leader . When one gal stood as a leader thn the company guy asked her that have u introduced urself to the grup and have u asked their names . so do familiar wid the names of everyone and introduce urself and listen carefully whn sumone is speaking coz he may ask u in between that wht the other guy is speakin .

be attentive and speak to the point

and defend ur point nicely

After gd interview was easy bt they were checkin basically the confidence . brush up wid ur basics . wht is internet . lan man wan c ++, dbms sql . questions from resume , questions general like r u relocatable , tell me bout ur family . while introducing take ur family member names first then their occupation and wid confidence they will try to confuse u in the definations of internet and basis so learn the technical proper definations .

All the best and do well ..