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JNTU College Of Eng., Anantapur ,15 October 2006 by Jataayu

Details of JNTU College Of Eng., Anantapur ,15 October 2006 by Jataayu conducted by Jataayu for job interview.
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Hai guys,,

this is Mahesh. Studying M.C.A in JNTU college of engineering Anantapur.

Now i am sharing my experince with Jatayu Software held recently in our college.

mainly jataayu has 4 rounds.

In this 1) aptitude round. (1 hour)
2) c-aptitude round.(1/2 hour)
3) c-programming round. (1 hour)
4) Techinical && HR round (both at one panel) (min 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour)

coming to first round... If u have an average skill in aptitude U can easily clear this round. Mainly aptitude paper has 40 questions. But in our campus the HR person announced that only first 29 questions are to be answered within 1/2 hour. In this now i will cover some of the questioins which i remember in that model.

1) how many 3,s & 7,s are present in first 100 numbers.

2)some diagram. in that how many four side figures. are there

3)ages problem ( 2bits) easy

and the rest are almost of the same model.

for C apt test and prog test better to prepare yeshwant kanitkar books.