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Placement Test 4 - General - Other by ISRO

Details of Placement Test 4 - General - Other by ISRO conducted by ISRO for job interview.
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ISRO Question Pattern

 Test has 80 questions.

well there are several books available for preparing for ISRO.Any book which is prescribed for the GATE

preparation would do sufficiently. 

Computer Organization---William Stallings,Morris Mano

Theory of Computation---Aho and Ullman

Compiler Design-----Ullman

Operating systems----Galvin

computer Networks----William Stallings 

apart from these for apptitude and General Knowledge

Refer some good magazines like CSR, Manorama Year book for GK sample gk questions and R.S Agarwal



SAC(Ahmedabad) panel comprised of 6 members, very senior scientists. They asked about B.E project, subject questions were picked up from the B.E project. Like if ur project is on Commn, they asked questions from Commn.
At NIT, Trichy ISRO dropped in for campus recruitment, panel members were from ISRO Trivandrum and ISRO Bangalore with some 20 years of experience in ISRO.

3 people on the whole were in the panel. 1 was an expert in microwaves another person with reg to DSP, Digital Commn, VLSI, third person was chairman, I believe They first made the usual formalities like doc verification and the usual questions like Did u appear for GATE? How did u come 2 NIT, Trichy for PG (GATE / NON GATE)?? What was ur rank in the entrance test conducted by NITT to get in for PG programme??
Then they asked abt my M.E project. Here at NITT, we have phase-1 proj and phase-2 proj at 3rd and 4th sem course.
So i told that I am working with IP over WDM networks. They asked me from WDM technology, to compare microwave and fiber optics, guided and unguided commn differences??, WDM components, about IPv6.

2nd member asked me from microwaves . Some questions raised by him

-Eqvt ckt of transmission line and explain all the primary and secondary constants?
- losses associated with transmission line
-antenna gain, isotropic antenna?, antenna applns at different freq
-microwave sources - klystron, magnetron etc.
3rd member asked me from digital commn
- Sampling theorem, aliasing effects, digital modn (compare BPSK and BFSK), what is FFSK?, line coding (compare manchester and NRZ scheme), turbo codes??, trellis coded modulation??, advantage of cyclic codes
some questions from spread spectrum also - like how anti jamming is achieved??
altogether only basic fundas here also. Confidence is the key and it,s better to have a firm grasp on the subjects related to project.
Since the panel members were old ppl, questions from microwaves, antennas, trans lines are sure to comeforth.
Infact questions from microwave engg, antennas and t.lines were asked for all people.

Sample questions asked in ISRO board (ECE)

1) How does a satellite communication work? 
2) Why numerical methods used in research? 
3) Hell lot of questions in TV engineering like horizontal and vertical frequencies, what will happen if they are reversed, interlaced scanning, PAL and some other questions. 
4) Basic digital questions 
5) Basic communications like SSB, AM, FM, VSB and what will happen if AM and FM is interchanged in TV transmission. 
6) Some questions on project.

Main model of technical question in exam are
Direct theory question. 
Direct numerical problem. 
Indirect theory and numerical problem. 
Graph based questions. 
Assertion and reasoning type 
Block diagram based (control theory)