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Analytical - Placement Test 1 by ISRO

Details of Analytical - Placement Test 1 by ISRO conducted by ISRO for job interview.
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ISRO Sample Papers

The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on n vertices is 
 a) n-1 b) n c) n+1 d)none of these 

A full binary tree with n non leaf nodes contains 
 a) n nodes b) log n nodes c)2n-1 nodes d)2n nodes 

The time complexity of shell sort   
 a) O(n) b) O(log n) c) O(n 1.2 ) d)O(n2) 

The time taken to insert an element after an element pointed by some pointer   
 a) O(1) b) O(log n) c) O(n) d) O(nlogn) 

what is the name given to the first generation computer?   
a) Binary language b)Machine language c)Assembly language 

The root directory of a disk should be placed   
a) at a fixed address in main memory 
b) at a fixed location on disk 
c) anywhere on disk. 

A top down parser generates 
a) right most derivation 
b) left most derivation 
c) right most derivation in reverse 
d) left most derivation in reverse 

what is the name of the OS that reads and reacts in terms of actual time? 
 a)batch system 
 b)time sharing 
 c)real time 

FDDI is a 
 a)ring network 
 b)star network 
 c)mesh network 

Computer memory consists of 
d)all the above