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Whole Testpaper Bangalore - 15 November 2006 by Intec

Details of Whole Testpaper Bangalore - 15 November 2006 by Intec conducted by Intec for job interview.
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Hi  Folks

This is Abhishek, I appeared for Intec test through employee referral. Test duration : 90 mins No. of Questions : 23 Completelly Technical (It was based on C )
1. Difference between static & non-static variables. 2. Define Pointers 3. Write your own String Copy function. 4. What is the purpose of Volatile in C. 5. What is the purpose of Static in C? 6. One question was like static int x; It will be acessed by-------- in a file 1.c {Hint: It is based on scope of variables} 7. What is the Output?     main()     {        char *p1="name";        char *p2;         p2=(char*)malloc(20);         memset(p2,0,20);  // Plz check it out {Appendix of YPK--C}            while(*p2++ = *p1);            printf("%s\n",p2); } 8. Long function based on command line arguments, u have 2 find out the error... Ans: I think some error in 2nd If condition. 9. What is ths Output of given snippet?      void main()      {         int x=20, y=35;         x= x++ + y++;         y= y++ + x++;       printf("%d%d", x,y);    } 10. main()       {         char s1[] = "XYZ";         char s2[] = "inc";         printf("%s", s1);      } 11. Simple strcat code was given. Ans: XYZinc 12. #define TRUE 0       ----------- Some code       while(TRUE)        {          ---------- Some code        }     what is the Output? 13. main()        {          int x=10,y=15;          x= x++;          y= y++;          printf("%d%d",x,y);      }  What is the output? 14. int a;       if(a==0)printf("XYZ");       printf("XYZ");   What is the output? 15. int x;       int modify(int x)       {         return(x+=10);       }      int changevalue(int x)      {         return(x+=1);       }           void main()       {          int x=10;          x++;          modify(x);         x++;         printf("%d",x);         x++;         changevalue(x);         x++;         modify(x);         printf("%d",x);     } 16. Difference between malloc and calloc and implement maoolc as calloc. 17. Implement realloc with full error checking code. 18. Implement a in-memory look up table of int type and write a function having time       complexity of O(logn). 19. Program for converting binary>>>decimal  or similat to this. 20. void main()       {           int x= 5;           printf("%d%d%d",x,x<<2,x>>2);       } 21. #define swap(a,b) a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a-b;       void main()       {         int x=5, y=10;         swap(x,y);         printf("%d%d", x, y);         swap2(x,y);         printf("%d%d", x, y);       }          swap2(int a, int b)      {        int temp;        temp=a;        a=b;        b=temp;      } what is the Output? 22. void main()       {          char *ptr= "xyz";          *ptr++;           printf("%d\n", ptr);           ptr++;            printf("%d", ptr);       } 23.  Explain the given declerations                      char *const ptr;                  char const *ptr;              similar to this // Its pointer to constant and conastant pointer Hint : Run the given codes, bcoz no options will be dere in the paper          U have to directly write the answers.          Time is ample but u should be accurate.