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Infotech Placement Paper TKR College Of Engg Hyderabad 28 February 2010 by infotech

Details of Infotech Placement Paper TKR College Of Engg Hyderabad 28 February 2010 by infotech conducted by infotech for job interview.
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Hi friends,my name is sandeep I attended for the infotech enterprises off campus placement drive on feb 29th 2008 in TKR college coll of engg, hyd. from 12 colleges about 800 people attended the drive and the writtern test pattern included

2.technical test.

In the 1.aptitude test there were 4 sections which included the following sections,

A.QUANT:(20qs -20marks) The qs which I could remember were:
1.1/4th of a no is thrice the 3/4th of the no. then find the no.
2.a right angle triangle has base of 30cms and the opp angle is 50 degree then find length of hypotenuse.
3.two unbiased coins are tossed then prob of obtaining both heads is .
4.if a shop owner sells 3 diff ground nuts with prices Rs.50,Rs.30,Rs.20 and thy are in proportion 2:3:5 so that they are mixed and sold at Rs.33 then find gain.
5.a no. series is given 8,24,48,54 (not exaxt)find the missing
6.7^71*5^55*11^7 find the no. in units place. aeroplane delayed by half an hour if it travels at a speed of 250 kmphr more speed than previous to reach destination at the same time then find the original speed. Some q,s included on profit and loss ,trains ,venn diagrams,men and work

B: DATA INTERPRITATION included bar graphs q,s of 10 qs.

C:verbal of antonyms ,synonyms and comparision words(hook:fish then 4 options of relation above)
D:reading comprehension of 10 qs. then followed by technical test was simple included core subject and basics of c of about 25 marks.

So friends this was the paper pattern so prepare well and u will succeed.