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Whole Testpaper VNR VJIET College, Hyderabad - 18 June 2007 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper VNR VJIET College, Hyderabad - 18 June 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Totally there was 2 sections           

As u know already 1st was reasoning section and second was verbal section. As I remember I am giving u some of the questions



5 blanks were based on syllogisms ( 5 marks)

( eg : some cats are dogs  All cats are monkeys and some conclusions were given prepare it in the r.s.agarwal reasoning and non reasoning book)


5 blanks were on data sufficiency(5 marks)  

I am giving one example ,two statements were given

 1:X is a positive integer

 2: x>0


Now from these we cannot tell what is x in the beginning of the question they will give some statements like

1:statement 1 can be alone be sufficient to answer

2:statement 2 can alone be sufficenr

3:neither of them are sufficient

4:both(so ans is 3)


Please concentrate on blood relations very much (10 marks). I  think u r perfect at blood relations but they will confuse like anything 
Totally they gave 2 passages based on blood relations

One of them is saksha is younger than raksha but older than anju  , sanju is younger than anju but older than manju,.. they nearly gave some 5 to 6 conditions on that totally there were 10 names they gave 5 questions on it some of the questions I remember is 1)who is younger of all    2)who is elder of all  3)who is next to manju  4) what is rekhas positionlike that they gave some questions

This passage was little bit easy


Next one was tough
A is twice older than b, b is as old as d when c is as old as dexactly I do not remember

Some of the questions were 1) who r twins   2)who is eldest of all..


Find out the next fig(5 marks)

They will  give some 4 options u have to find out the next figure they are  time consuming even though they appear to be little easy


Data interpretation (5 marks) they gave it as theory (concentrate on numericals  ) instead of giving out in figures  they gave this time as theory


Verbal section 
5 fill in the blanks (5 marks) please concentrate on prepositions they all r simple grammar

5 were on correction of sentences (5marks)  

5 were on finding the correct sentences (5 marks),  

They will give some small passages and under the options u have to find the conclusions (10marks)


They gave 2 RCS (10 marks) they were all most one and half page please dont waste time on this do it in the last of the section (if u have any time in the last please do not read the total passage u can get the answers from last Para of that RC)


There will be no technical round so be well prepared for written if u qualify in the written then u r max at infosys.they will mainly eliminate in written please be perfect at ur resume they will ask u on ur hobbies.please concentrate on ur project what have u donei.e mini project or any seminar whatever u gave out side.